The Financial Career of Stephen P. Murray

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital sadly passed away earlier in the year. However, during his time as the head of the company, he managed to grow and create a thriving business that has turned into a truly special business. Additionally, even after his passing, his estate continues to give back to his university and other important charities that were near and dear to him.

Stephen P. Murray was born in August of 1962 and eventually went on to Boston College. During his time here he graduate from BC in 1984 and then went on to earn his master’s degree from Columbia Business School five years later. Throughout his entire career at Columbia though, he joined up as a credit analyst in a training program with Manufacturers hanover. By the time he graduated from Columbia Business School, he eventually went on to join the company full time. I was around when the company went on to purchase Chemical Bank in the early 1990s where he managed the Equity department as well as helped merge the Chemical Venture Partners.

From there, the company was known as Chemical Bank, although it also went on to merge with Chase Manhattan in 1996. By the early 2000s, the bank spun off a secondary business known as JP Morgan Partners. Murray worked for this department before co-founding CCMP Capital. This worked as a spinoff for JP Chase and helped with buying and selling of businesses and private equity. Eventually a year later, the company went on to name him the CEO of the company.

Steve Murray served as the CEO of CCMP Capital for eight years before his passing reported by Wall street Journal. Along with this though he also served on the board of several other major companies from around the country as well. This included Aramark, Generac Power Systems, Warner Chilcott, The Vitamin Shoppe, Cabela’s, Pinnacle Foods and several other companies and organizations.

With a good amount of his money, Stephen P. Murray gave back to the community and schools he attended and grew up in. This includes Boston College and also the Make A Wish Foundation of Metro New York. Thanks to his contributions and other work with Boston College, he eventually became a main member of the board of trustees and also a member of the chairman’s council for the Make a Wish Foundation.

Although Stephen P. Murray is no longer with the company and no longer around to see his work continue on, his family and children have move forward to continue his work. This way, they are able to see their father’s business thrive. It continues to be a very important company inside the JP Morgan industry and it looks as if this is going to continue to be the case for years to come.