Eric Pullier a Good Investment for CSC

The Computer Sciences Corporation, headed by CEO Mike Lawrie, is a multinational leader in providing business solutions and services through technology. Founded in 1959, their work spans many sectors of business, including aerospace and defense, chemical, energy, financial services, healthcare, technology and manufacturing, just to name a few. Much of their work is focused on cybersecurity and cloud computing, two areas that promise to impact the business world of tomorrow in a big way. How is CSC so successful? The answer is in the employees they recruit.

One high caliber innovator that was part of Computer Sciences Corporation was Eric Pulier. Known as a maverick in the computer software industry, Pulier has invested in four venture capitalist funds, been involved with over twelve business endeavors and sits on the board of two charitable organizations while being involved in multiple others. Mr. Pulier does not just have a good business mind but possesses awesome intellectual capabilities as well. Nothing illustrates the diversity of his genius better than the fact that while at Harvard he studied not only computer science, in which he has sixteen patients, but also English and American Literature as well as Visual and Environmental Studies. On top of his business, philanthropic and intellectual successes, Pulier is also proudly a family man as he has four children. The ability to attract well rounded employees who excel in the professional sphere is crucial to CSC’s success.

CSC acquired Pulier’s company ServiceMesh, a cloud platform that drastically lowered the cost of IT help to businesses by merging the IT services with cloud computing, in 2013. At the time, the acquisition was big news in the business world that helped CSC continue to provide excellent services in the technology sector. While Pulier himself left CSC in 2015, his work has undeniably added value to CSC.

The future looks bright for CSC as they recently won a ten year contract with the federal aviation administration to help consolidate data centers and help store information using cloud computing. CSC continues to collaborate with high powered players in the technology industry as they will work together with Microsoft and Amazon to complete the project for the FAA. Much like its work with Eric Pulier, CSC is again showing that its ability to attract business relationships with excellence is a key reason why it will continue to stay at the forefront of technology based solutions for years to come.