The Achievements of Chicagoan Business Leader Mr. Majeed Ekbal

Majeed Ekbal is one of the top leaders in business in Chicago. The American University graduate encourages professionals to join the corporate industry. Mr. Majeed is renowned for his efforts in transforming global entities into a profitable business by his extensive experience in marketing. He has a vast expertise that he propelled avenue Razorfish and DRAFTFCB company’s profits to increase widely. Mr. Majeed’s marketing experience ranges from e-commerce marketing, social media marketing, and healthcare marketing among others.

Majeed is a top influencer and has won several prestigious awards in his career. His portfolio is widely followed in LinkedIn by several people who like his inspirations. He guides professionals to enhance their marketing skills. Mr. Ekbal has a Soundcloud account, is an active philanthropic member. Despite having a busy career, he has spent enormous resources for a better society. He has served the underprivileged with excellent opportunities to develop the community and improve the general welfare of the community.

In his over two decade career, he has a tremendous experience in social media. He is the founder of espresso Inc in early 1990. Mr. Majeed Ekbal formed the company after graduating from the American University. The company interests were creating an online demand shopping service for individuals working and residing in the downtown and suburban areas. The company had high integrity and commitment that is attributed to Mr. Ekbal’s hard work. The city’s top papers featured the company due to its efforts in successfully implementing new marketing ideas that were not frequent at the time.

Ekbal forms one of the most respected business leaders in Chicago. The city is the most third populous city of United States. It has an extensive network, and well-developed infrastructure was favoring business growth. Chicago business is among the leading enterprises in the country. The city is home to the leading investment banks, institutions of higher learning and politician. The vibrant economy of the city is as a result of a highly experienced labor force that has created a dynamic economy.

Chicago is a global finance center of the entire world. With an economy of over 500 billion dollars, it has among the largest economies of the United States. It is becoming the global leaders in business. The city has great talents that are crucial for its continued growth. With developed entrepreneur sector, it has harbored growing business to thrive even in harder economic recession. Most of the successful companies in the United States that grow big are based in Chicago. The city has top women leaders in American entrepreneur sector.