Witnessing Sergio Cortes Live

If you have ever wanted to catch an amazing performer live, you will find that most of them either have expensive tickets or they sadly do not live anymore. The hard thing about this is that you’re only left with the memory of the artist through their music videos of any interview they may have done in the past. For some celebrities who are huge and extremely famous, others have made it their life goal to help bring the magic of that celebrity’s presence into this world once more. This is what most impersonators strive to do with their jobs, and it’s practically all that they do; bringing musicians and legends to life on stage and for those of today’s generation to witness those people.

Sergio Cortes is the basic definition of somebody who has taken it to the next level of bringing somebody famous to life with his skills. For Sergio, he has dedicated his life to becoming Michael Jackson. In fact, his face and overall facial structure turned in to Michael as he began to age. Even though he looks just like Michael, the one that helps him out is the complete singing and dancing he does. He is practically the only impersonator of MJ who can sing and dance just like Michael. He does it so well and knows how to bring the emotion from MJ’s songs to life through live performances. His amazing skills has helped him to achieve massive shows with live audiences.

One thing that has helped him achieve so much growth over the years are the YouTube videos and television appearances that have been scattered throughout the web over the years. He has been able to help showcase a wide variety of different performances to the world, and that alone has helped him grow and really get his name out there. Sergio Cortes is truly one of the few performers who has been able to help bring to life MJ with his skills. Not many people can do that considering that he isn’t even from the United States.

As a complete Look-alike of Michael Jackson, there is no doubt he will become the next big impersonator and eventually travel throughout the world. He hopes to have world tours, and he eventually has goals on reaching more of MJ’s fans to help bring his music to them and really make them feel like Michael is still here.