Sergio Cortes Is Continuing The Tradition Of The King Of Pop

It can be hard to really grasp the impression left by the greatest artists. Certainly the loss of any artist, or even any person will leave an impact on the world. But there’s a certain class of performer who will continue to leave an impression long after they’ve passed away. The true greats are able to continue to inspire people long after they die. And in the case of Michel Jackson, they’re even able to inspire the path of entire lives. This is perhaps best shown by the life of MJ impersonator Sergio Cortes.

Cortes is one of, if not the best known Michael Jackson impersonators. But everyone needs to start small. And for Cortes it all began with a short conversation held with his mom while watching TV. A young Jackson was performing on screen while they watched. And she noticed a rather obvious resemblance between the young MJ and Cortes. Cortes was amused by that fact and did a few little imitations for his mom. Later on he’d do the same for his classmates. He’d continue along those lines for a while. But the more he did it the more attention he received. And it also continued to help him hone the craft. He soon reached a point where his looks and ability were more than enough to capture the eye of reporters. He quickly became a news story as reporters found themselves amazed by his ability to convey the artistry of Jackson’s performance.

As Cortes grew older the physical resemblance became even more apparent. This was further accentuated by his dedication to the craft. Cortes worked hard to not only learn how to imitate Jackson’s performances, but also his general mannerisms. Cortes learned to talk, dress, and in general simply live as Jackson when the need arose. This added a level of authenticity to his work which few, if any, other impersonators were able to match.

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, than it’s clear Jackson would be about as flattered as anyone could be. Because Cortes has perfected his impression to a point where it’s almost as if Jackson has been able to step into the modern age. Whole generations are coming of age who’ll never have had the chance to see Michael Jackson perform in person. But they still have a chance to know the king of pop through the work of Sergio Cortes and his amazing tribute to Jackson’s life.