Bernardo Chua The Man and the Miracle

Most of us take the mushroom for granted, but not Bernardo Chua; he took a very special mushroom and made it into a campaign for healthier living. His contribution of the Ganoderma Mushroom to coffee, tea and personal care products has brought positive change to the way we consume our favorite beverages and take care … Read More

The Important World of Human Rights Activist Yeonmi Park

Human rights activists typically have multiple goals in mind during the course of their work. Many people engaged in this activity look for the many ways in which they can help bring to bear pressure on various nations of the world to improve their human rights records. In many instances, activists seek to help prod … Read More

Learning More About Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is a published author, philanthropist, founder of more than ten companies, a technologist, and an entrepreneur. He is worth millions of dollars in the ventures he has founded by himself and others he founded with his partners. Some of the companies he owns the majority of the shares include Media Platform, Digital Evolution, … Read More

How to Get Started Contributing to Wikipedia

Wikipedia draws millions of visitors to the site daily. The average visitor simply reads the material and leaves. However, some visitors start to think about contributing to the site. After all, they’ve probably visited the site hundreds of times over the years. They feel confident in their ability to edit or write articles. Still, it … Read More

Susan McGalla, An Extraordinary Business Executive

In the recent years, businesswomen have shown their zeal to succeed in their lines of specialization. An increase in the number of women in different boards and top management is a clear indication of their ability to deliver on their jobs. With their positive contribution towards ensuring that gender parity has been established in the … Read More

Brian Bonar-Chairman of Dalrada Financial Corporation

Brian Bonar Mr. Bonar has served as director for Dalrada Financial Corporation since August, 1995 and eventually became chairman of the board in December, 1999. Prior to that, Bonar served as the company’s Director of Technology Sales from August 1992 through April 1994. Then from April, 1994 through September the same year, Bonar became vice … Read More