Finding Lawyers in Brazil

When served with litigation, you should recruit a legal representative to stand for you in court and argue out the case. Lawyers are professionals who have a better understanding of the law, and they are fit to handle judicial proceedings. You should not make a mistake of representing yourself especially when the case involves lots of cash.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho

Take for instance Mr. Tosto. He is one of the prominent strategists and a lawyer in Brazilian legal practice. He started in a small office and later developed into a large law firm that was recently crowned as the best in Brazil.

He has defended many personalities and offered legal advice to various multinationals, companies, and politicians. He has handled various kinds of cases that have been successful, and this has redefined his career. Mr. Tosto pioneered several legal mechanisms that are still used in Brazilian judiciary. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho mentored so many lawyers during their interns and are currently his partners.


Medical doctors are trained on a broad spectrum of ideas but later specialize in handling specific areas. Lawyers as well specialize in various cases. You will find attorneys who focus on auto insurance cases, workers’ compensation, family laws (divorce), personal injury laws, car, and truck accident claims, medical malpractice and many more. It is, therefore, important to get in touch with a lawyer who is competent to handle your lawsuit. Do not pick a personal injury attorney to take on workers’ compensation case.

Lawyer fees

Some lawyers prefer a flat rate contract while there are those who show preference to an hourly rate contract. The hourly rate contract might be a financial burden if the case takes a long time. Depending on the contract you have with your preferred attorney, a flat rate arrangement is preferable.

Lawyer Licensing

Lawyers must be licensed as per the specifications of the Judiciary in their respective states. When searching for an agent, make sure you validate the registration certificate. Do not get conned by fraudulent attorneys.

State bar lawyers

Lawyers are State Bar certified after attaining specified requirements. Such agents maintain high moral standards and are concerned with their potential clients. In case of any grievances, they quickly move in to fix them for customer satisfaction. Their high level of experience gives their customers confidence in the outcomes of their lawsuit.

Choosing the best attorney to stand for you in a case should not be a problem anymore. Just select one who is competent to handle your case and preferably, he or she is State Bar certified.