Doe Deere the Woman of Makeup

Doe Deere is a Russian beauty known for her bold cosmetic company. She is a business woman in every sense, being that she has dabbled in a variety of many different industries and continued to push herself to find her niche. Now Doe Deere has found her passion and love in makeup. She does not discriminate when it comes to her audience, it doesn’t matter who the person is whether they are boy or girl, her makeup will make them feel like a Unicorn at heart.

Lime Crime is Doe Deere’s company that is meant to inspire all persons to find their beauty within. The makeup by this company combines bold colors, tons of glitter and a lot of sass for all lovers of makeup. Lime Crime newest line of lipstick called Cry Baby was an inspiration by singer Melanie Martinez and is to be a combined collection of both Lime Crime on pinterest and Martinez. This company has made strategic changes over the last few month’s, including making shipping available to Australia and New Zealand fans. Their motto is to allow others to express themselves through the art of makeup as Unicorns.

Doe Deere is constantly using others that have touched her life as an inspiration to continue providing new and innovative makeup to her fans and followers. She relocated to Los Angeles with her husband from New York City, with the motive to continue bringing bright and bold colors to all. Even her blogs and social media accounts keep up with her visions of being colorful and expressing oneself without fear of being judged.

Doe Deere worked with makeup for many years before Lime Crime Makeup came about. While maintaining her clothing line, she decided to test out her creativity with makeup. It was then she continued to create a world where magic and fantasies came to life. She felt inspired and free when concocting the colors and designs for her makeup, yet it would be another 4 years before the official launch of her makeup. Doe Deere had a message to send and she wanted to distribute it right. She practiced and experimented until she found that makeup is truly her calling. She wanted to deliver her personality through her makeup as she did through her clothes and music, when she finally felt it was right she shared what she created. After receiving favorable responses from her fans, she continued to test the waters.

Doe Deere didn’t stop there, she began giving tutorials and inspiring all her fans to find the Unicorn in themselves. She has a love for women who strive hard to make it in the business world, which is why she shares her story. Doe Deere wants all to know that they should never give up dreams despite obstacles that may appear.