Susan McGalla Seeks To Inspire Professional Women

Prominent executive, Susan McGalla, is on a mission to share her remarkable business experience with aspiring women entrepreneurs.

Throughout the years, this renowned professional has maintained many leadership positions at American Eagle Outfitters, HFF Incorporation, Wet Seal, and Joseph Horne Company. Notably, these integral careers have encouraged her to launch P3 Executive Consulting, which is a prestigious firm that specializes in branding and organizational development for clients in a variety of industries. As an influential entrepreneur, McGalla strives to assist business minded women in their professional pursuits through motivational engagements and conferences. Essentially, she strongly believes that anyone can become successful regardless of their gender.

McGalla’s flourishing success is encouraging professional women both locally and globally. Although the industry encompasses many high profile businesswomen, McGalla’s uniqueness lies in her simplistic approach to profound triumph. Through events at the Women and Girls Foundation in Pittsburg and the Carnegie Mellon University Speaker Series for CEOS, this leading executive motivates women with her childhood story.

At a young age, McGalla deeply understood the value of a dollar as her family instilled in her exemplary hard work principles. Born and raised in Liverpool, Ohio with her two older brothers, she was taught to have confidence in presenting her thoughts and beliefs regardless of the audience. Notably, her parents held her to the same standards as her brothers by expecting her to perform well in her studies and her extracurricular activities. Moreover, shortly after graduation, she enrolled at Mount Union College and proudly received a bachelor’s degree in business and marketing.

During her motivational speaking engagements, she often attributes her self-assurance to her unbiased childhood upbringing. Remarkably, as a result of her parents’ stern guidance, she is always equally comfortable with communicating with both men and women. This deeply rooted confidence has served her well, especially throughout her employment at American Eagle Outfitters. When she first joined this renowned company in 1994, the leading executives maintained mostly male employees. Despite the apparent gender difference, McGalla still excelled in her management position as her work often surpassed her male counterpart’s contributions. At American Eagle Outfitters, she held many leadership positions before serving as the company’s president and Chief Merchandising Officer (CMO). Most prominently, her ascension at American Eagle Outfitters was the result of a true culture change.

Notably, McGalla’s inspiring childhood story has inspired women from many states in countries worldwide. Today, she continues her career by managing her prominent company, P3 Executive Consulting. In essence, she excels in assisting businesses who need an expert perspective regarding their financial affairs. McGalla enjoys maintaining autonomy over her career which was greatly influenced by years of hard work, persistence, and flexibility. In addition, this influential American businesswoman was a leading manager of the Allegheny Conference on Community Development, a former trustee of the University of Pittsburg, and a board member at Mount Union College’s Board of Advisors. Fortunately, her gender was never a factor in her professional goals or personal desires.