What Can We Learn From CCMP Capital?

There are a lot of things Stephen Murray CCMP Capital has to offer and had to offer, but you may not know much about the company and it’s past. The good thing is you can learn anything you want to by just asking.

What is CCMP?

This company is a merge between chase financial and JPMorgan Partners. It was purchased by JPMorgan and then the name of the company was changed to reflect this. It became one of the worlds largest Equity firms and remains so to this day. Stephen Murray was a great CEO who watched the company bloom into what it was until his death in March 2015.

What Can We Learn?

There are a ton of things we can learn from CCMP. We can learn how a great company can make it in the new financial world. We can also learn that with a little work we can create a company that can make it in any kind of financial world we need to. Even when things were a little touchy for the company Stephen Murray was able to keep the company together and going for as long as he was running the company.

How He Did It?

There is really no defined way to make a company succeed like his did, but he did something right that kept the company going and is still being used today. This is wonderful for companies that want to advance and who want to make the most of the time they are creating and building their companies.

There are many companies that have made it through hard times, but Stephen Murray found a way to do it even when his health was declining. He is truly a pioneer in business and anyone starting their business should research what he did so they can understand how to create a great business.