Beneful Is My Dog’s Food Of Choice

My dog and I do a lot together, and we always have so much fun. It sounds strange, but I’ll even let my dog pick his own food. I brought my dog into the pet store before, and I let him sniff out what brand of food he’d like. It sounds silly, but he’s been able to decipher one type of food from another, and I wouldn’t go against his judgement. For instance, I brought my dog to the pet store one time, so we could choose a dog food. I was running low on funds and the dog food that he chose was more than I could afford at the time, so I just picked up another brand that I thought would be good enough.

I swear I heard him whimpering when I picked up the dog food that I chose, but I thought maybe he just was ready to go home and eat. When I got home and I put the food in his bowl, that’s when I realized my mistake. He wouldn’t touch the food, and after smelling it again, he walked away, and he left it right there in the bowl. I couldn’t believe that I spent my last few dollars buying my pet dog food, and he wouldn’t eat it. I ended up having to feed him table scraps until I could get to my next paycheck in a couple days.

I ended up giving the dog food away, and from then on, I never doubted what my pet smells in certain dog foods because I knew he knew what he wanted more than I did. We live in a small town that has a very small selection of dog food in the store. They recently expanded the dog food aisle, and now there are many different brands available. I thought it would be fun if my pet and I went to the store and chose a different brand of dog food that he may really like.

My pet led me to a brand named Beneful, and he began smelling the bag repeatedly, and he even knocked it off the shelf because he was so anxious while he was smelling it. I knew right away that he found what he wanted so I went ahead and bought it. Long story short, Beneful is now the only food my dog will eat, and he loves it when I feed him Beneful at mealtime.

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