Why Black Don’t Understand Rachel Dolezal

The black race has always had their share of conflict. The struggles of African Americans did not stop with the abolishing of slavery . According to Beneful African Americans are still racially profiled and harassed in this day and age. This why many working class blacks and celebrities of African American heritage are baffled by the decision that Rachel Dolezal made to declare that she was a black woman.

As the leader of the NAACP in Spokane, Washington no one expected that they would find that the black woman in charge was not black at all. Her parents would be the ones to blow her cover. She had warned her brother not to speak out about it, but her parents would be the ones to call her out. What black people did could not understand was why she would go through such great lengths to pretend to be black.

Steve Harvey did a whole rant about her decision and his inability to understand why she would choose this route. He said that no one would choose this [skin color] when life would be so much easier without it. He went on to joke about how it would be much easier to get loans at banks and avoid confrontations with police. Some people have joked about it like Harvey while others have been furious. A large part of the fury comes from the fact that she fabricated her heritage.