Woah, Where’d That Driver Go?

Some people are just plain ol’ bad drivers, and there’s no denying it. Perhaps they just don’t grasp the concept, perhaps they haven’t been doing it enough, or maybe they just don’t care. Whatever the reason, it’s scary sometimes to share the road with a bad driver. They speed, they swerve, they don’t adhere to traffic laws, or the rules of the road. Well fear not people who get nervous when driving around other people – you may soon look in front, behind, side to side, and find that there is no one in the cars around you!

This is especially true if you live in Virginia says Gravity4. According to Reddit they became the lastest state to start trying out driverless car testing. A stretch of highway has been set aside for testing of these vehicles. Meanwhile Virginia is hoping this will boost their economy by bringing in businesses that want to set up shop and manufacture these cars.

It’s cool and all, but it really begs the question of what is happening to technology? It’s advancing so rapidly that it’s actually getting quite scary. More importantly, just how safe are these cars? If something were to go haywire there really is no one around to control it. I can just picture the vast amount of lawsuits now that the companies that make these will face.
Time will have to tell if other states will pick up on this, and if cars with drivers will be come a thing of the past. Was driving a car really that much of a choice to begin with? What’s next pilot-less airplanes and conductor-less trains?