Haidar Barbouti: Excellence All Around

Since 1991 Haidar Barbouti has been the driving force behind the growth of the Highland Village Shopping Center in Houston, Texas. His innovative approach and determination has brought many accolades to the high end shopping center. He means it when he says they do not do anything cookie cutter in the upscale shopping destination. He is the property manager and broker of the Highland Village Shopping Center in Houston, Texas. He has over twenty years commercial property experience and has developments in other locations throughout the United States.

One of the most recent developments driven by Barbouti is the “Up Restaurant” in the shopping center. Haidar Barbouti opened this restaurant in the third story of the east end of the center, overseeing the design and menu as well. With open windows and dining on the patio, this restaurant evokes the European feel of open air dining. Haidar Barbouti eats there himself, and is very vocal about fresh, made from scratch food. Guests will good food that is fresh, filling and attractive. The menu represents many cuisines to reflect the wide travels of Mr. Barbouti.

Food is not the only thing he is passionate about. Highland Village Shopping Center is the home of the Highland Village Adoption Center For Animals. Haidar Barbouti donates the retail space and necessary utilities because he cares about animals. He has other charitable interests as well that support the needs of children.

Notable firsts at Highland Village include it being the home of Houston’s first Starbucks. Under Haidar Barbouti’s leadership various upscale businesses have come to call the shopping center home. Crate and Barrel is one example. The architecture of this commercial building has been been recognized by architectural historians for its ambitious design.

Because of the leadership of Haidar Barbouti Highland Village Shopping Center is home to unique and well run businesses that set Houston apart as a desirable business destination. Another notable business that he has drawn in is Houston’s first environmentally conscious fitness facility, Quality Life Fitness.

With his standards of excellence, Haidar Barbouti has brought high end stores like Abercrombie and Williams Sonoma to Houston. He has set these top stores in attractive and outstanding spaces to make shopping a luxury experience. He does not just manage this center, though, but is an active commercial real estate broker developing condominiums and other business ventures like office buildings through out the United States.