Young Grandson Saves Grandfather’s Life

Six-year-old Gram Flowers from Hartselle, Alabama is close to his grandfather who he calls “Papa Carl”. Carl and his wife Melissa had recently taken the whole family out on the lake together in their new boat. The boat suffered from an engine malfunction so Papa Carl decided to take Gram out on the jet ski … Read More

Benefits of Fidgeting for Students with ADHD

Fidgeting in class is now being encouraged for school children with ADHD. Recent findings show that a child with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder performs his cognitive tasks best when fidgeting, unlike the typical child whose ability reduces with multifunctioning. This brings us to the theory: Moving increases alertness for ADHD students. Will Behavioral Therapy Replace Drug Medication? … Read More

Searching The World (Wide Web) For Love With Anastasia Date

Dating is never easy, and some romantics have been driven across international boundaries in the search for true love. Now that sometimes countries spanning quest has become a little easier with the romantic matching service called Anastasia Date. The service was founded in 1993 by Elena and David Besuden. The two met through a service … Read More

Dan Newlin’s Inauguration of the #Dan Campaign

Dan Newlin is recognized for ensuring justice is served to daily injury plus accident victims. His previous familiarity in law implementation, his obligation to community service stayed the same the time he started the Law Offices of Dan Newlin. Mr. Newlin has established offices in Central Florida and all the way to South Florida, plus … Read More

Not So Good News

Before the surge of technology news lovers would have to find a paper boy or newsstand where they could get updated information on current news and events. If there wasn’t a newspaper boy around or if it was too late in the day a news fan would have to find a radio station to tune … Read More