Teen Girl Who Was Declared Brain Dead Graduates High School

Taylor Hale had a life changing, tragic event happen to her at just a young 14 years old, only to weeks into high school. While playing around with friends the young, bright girl fell and hit her head hard enough to fracture the skull and cause a brain hemorrhage. Her family was preparing for her funeral after her being declared brain dead and taking her off life support.

However, once they pulled the pull on the life support a miracle happen. She started to breath on her own and there was a new refined hope. Maybe she wasn’t brain dead after all. Taylor since then as relearned to talk, walk, and take place as a normal high school graduate. Her family never thought they would see this day. Not after that accident, but they are so proud of the progress she has made. Taylor is now registering for her college classes.

This remarkable young woman wants to tell everyone to never take life for granted you never know when it could be you or your families last day. The downfall of the recovery is she no longer has any memories from before her accident. She can’t remember one childhood memories. However, her mother always took several pictures. Therefore, at least she has this to look back at and , TheNJSpotlight along with Boraie Development LLC hope maybe one day she will be able to remember.