Woman Gives Birth to 13th Boy

Kateri Schwandt is one busy woman. She just gave birth to her 13th boy. They were hoping for a girl, but the odds just wasn’t in their favor. They have children ranging from 22 years old down to just a few days old. The couple didn’t know ahead of time what their child would be, male or female, though they did so wish to celebrate with pink this time around. Would you have given up after having so many boys?

Things have evolved over the past few years, as Jason Halpern points out. When I was growing up, I was in a family of 4 and that was an oddity. People just didn’t have that many children. They were busy with college and career and they focused less on the family unit. When my mother was growing up, she was one of 7 plus her mother had a miscarriage 2 times. If all had worked out, there would have been 9 in her family. My brother in law topped the list with 15 in his family. Both of these families had them all at home and they didn’t use any medications. I think back on this and wonder how strong these women were. The men did very little back them to help with the raising of the children, and they gave birth without drugs.

Today things are beginning to increase yet again. Larger families have become the norm. The Duggers were first thought to be freaks having 19 kid. Now, there are more families that are coming out and having more and more kids. My sister-in-law comes from a family of 9. I can’t imagine buying clothes for that many kids. As much as things change, they stay the same. Looks like the big family unit is back by popular demand.