Man Walks Into Diner, Pays for Everyone’s Meal and Leave $9k Tip

A customer who walked into a Huddle House restaurant on the Saturday before mother’s day left a big impression with the wait staff and the diners. The anonymous man allegedly walked into the restaurant early Sunday morning for takeout. As the waitress packed up his order, he announced to the staff and several diners that he was feeling generous.

First he paid for the meals of everyone sitting down to breakfast at the North Carolina eatery, then he took it a step further. The anonymous donor laid down $9,000 as a “tip” for the patrons of the chain diner. Before he left he asked that three waitresses on duty receive $1,400 a piece, then he asked that the rest of the money be split among the diners. The eatery, which was slow at the time, had only five patrons sitting down to eat.

The random act of kindness shocked the patrons, but now Huddle House is being called into question. According to those lucky enough to be in the eatery when the anonymous donor walked in, they patrons will have to wait three entire months to collect their money. Huddle House has released a statement noting that it is company policy to hold any money collected via debit or credit card for 90 days. This holding period is company-wide and is carried out for all purchases made by card.

The generous stranger was allegedly passing through town on his way to Myrtle Beach.

Thanks to my friends at Madison Street Capital for showing me this uplifting news!