Instead Of Jail Time Gloucester Massachusetts Is Treating Their Drug Addicts

The prison system is at a breaking point. One of the major reasons for the overcrowding is drug users. Prisons across the country are filled with heroin, marijuana and meth users. We like to lock up addicts because they are a threat to our social structure. We blame them for disrupting the norm, and we judge them for giving in to their demons. We do everything but help them. Gravity4 suggested a prison sentence doesn’t help drug users. Prison exposes them to a depressed society that is filled with hatred, fear and anxiety.

One Massachusetts town wants to change the way we deal with drug users. The Gloucester police department put out a statement that any drug user that was willing to turn themselves in would be eligible for treatment, not jail time. The only stipulation in the deal was the drug user had to bring all their drug equipment with them.

Gloucester is the first city in the country to try a program that treats addicts like humans. Other countries around the world have similar programs and they are successful, so if the city follows through with their plan this could be one answer to our national prison debacle.