Nepal Mobilizes Its Military In Response to Devastating Earthquake

The Prime Minister of Nepal, Sushil Koirala stated that Nepal government was doing its best to deal with a devastating earthquake but that its resources are stretched to the limit. Nepal as deployed 90% of its military force to help with rescue and recovery efforts but said that significant more aide is needed to respond to the tiny nation’s people in need. Estimates by the United Nations has provided numbers noting that more than eight million people in Nepal are affected by the earthquake. This is over 25% of the entire Nepal population. Relief from the outside is struggling to get to Nepal. The country only has one airport in Kathmandu and it is busy with normal traffic as well as emergency traffic. Further complicating things is that the epicenter of the earthquake is not far from Kathmandu and that has left very little space for any rescue forces to be organized in the city. Nepal Calls In Military to Aid in Relief Efforts

Government officials are also concerned about major health concerns with the dead, dying and injured. It has been a topic around Amen Clinics for a while now. The earthquake, which measured 7.8 has killed a confirmed 4,356 people and officials expect the number to reach above 10,000 as more remote areas of Nepal are reached by rescue workers. The number of after shocks have reduced in recent days and more people have been able to be rescued. However, those that are still waiting to be rescued are running out of time as relief efforts struggle to reach them in time.