Seniors Give Ailing Principal Money They Raised For a Trip

Seniors at Profile School in Bethlehem, New Hampshire decided to give $8,000 to their ailing principal. The money was going to be used for their senior trip, but instead the seniors voted unanimously to give the money to their principal instead. Courtney Vashaw, the principal, had recently announced that she had an aggressive form of … Read More

IRS Admits Transcript Server Hacked – Info on 100,000 Taxpayers Stolen

The IRS admitted that over the three-month period of February to mid-May, cyber thieves made 200,000 attempts to secure tax filing information in what are known as transcripts. Fully 50% of the attempts were successful meaning that tax filing information was stolen from 100,000 people. A growing number of entities requiring tax information from people … Read More

New “iZombie” Extended Promo

An all new extended promo for next week’s “iZombie” episode “Dead Rat, Live Rat, Brown Rat, White Rat,” the next-to-last episode for this season, has people talking about how anything might still happen. Liv reveals to Ravi at an outdoor forested crime scene that Major turned up at her apartment with five of Blaine’s yellow … Read More

Los Angeles Is the Latest Win for Minimum Wage Advocates

Minimum wage workers and political activists around the country continue protesting and putting pressure on politicians to increase the minimum wage. They argue that minimum wage jobs are no longer just starting jobs for teenagers in high school. The average age of fast food workers, for example, has been going up over the years, and … Read More

Delta Force Unit Kills Senior ISIS Official

A United States Delta Force team launched a rare late night raid which killed noted ISIS leader, Abu Sayyaf, as well as eleven other ISIS combatants. The raid also resulted in the capture Abu Sayyaf’s wife, Umm Sayyaf, who officials believe has important intelligence regarding ISIS logistical and military operations as well as a large … Read More

Woman Gives Birth to 13th Boy

Kateri Schwandt is one busy woman. She just gave birth to her 13th boy. They were hoping for a girl, but the odds just wasn’t in their favor. They have children ranging from 22 years old down to just a few days old. The couple didn’t know ahead of time what their child would be, … Read More