Beneful Foods Benefit Dogs

Since 2001, Beneful has provided nutritious food and snacks for dogs. Owned by Nestle Purina Petcare, the brand generates over $1.5 billion in revenues each year and is the fourth most popular brand of dog food in the world.


The name “Beneful” was chosen because the food is “full of goodness,” and Beneful is dedicated to delivering nutrition, variety and good health to dogs. The quality of Beneful products is a top priority, and they practice some of the industry’s most strict quality control procedures. An innovative system keeps track of raw ingredients from the moment they are received at plants until they reach retail stores, and suppliers must meet high standards for sanitation, safety and manufacturing. Beneful also works closely with veterinarians, pet nutritionists and scientists to ensure that the millions of dogs who consume the products each year receive complete and balanced nutrition.


Beneful produces a number of dry dog foods. For example, Healthy Fiesta combines avocado and vegetables to deliver maximum taste and nutrition, IncrediBites contain real beef for a protein-rich meal, and Healthy Radiance contains real salmon to support a glossy coat and healthy skin. Special formulas are also available for puppies and overweight dogs.


Wet dog foods are also available from Beneful. These foods are made from wholesome ingredients and are made in eleven varieties that dogs love. Unlike most conventional wet dog foods, Beneful wet foods are presented ready-to-eat in re-sealable clean plastic containers instead of cans. Flavors include Chicken Stew, Chopped Blends with Turkey, Beef Stew, Simmered Chicken Medley and more.


Beneful snacks are also made with wholesome ingredients. Baked Delights, for example, are made with bacon and filled with soft pieces of apple. In addition to these snacks, the brand also creates dog treats designed to promote good dental health, reduce plaque and freshen breath. These treats are flavored with peanut butter and contain real parsley and added calcium.