McDonalds to Up Their Burger Game

The increase in choices that consumers have for a quick burger has the Big Mac facing more challenges than ever. With competitors such as the Shake Shack offering the ShackBurger at reasonable prices, McDonalds is bringing back it’s sirloin burgers. In an effort to bring affordable quality to their menu, later this month the “Angus Third Pound” burgers will be available at McDonalds again. McDonalds first introduced these burgers in 2013, but were faced with consumer feedback that the burgers were too expensive. There are three different choices; the Lettuce and Tomato, one with bacon and cheese and the Steakhouse each at a cost of $5. The Steakhouse will be McDonalds showpiece sporting grilled onions and mushrooms, white cheddar, and a peppercorn sauce. The burgers also will contain a special seasoning McDonalds is calling “beef seasoning”. To help with the imagery of fancy food, McDonalds may even serve the burgers on a wooden board, which would be different for Ricardo Tosto to see.