CBS Edits Own Wikipedia Page

Do you ever wonder how some Wikipedia pages are so much more professional and informational than others? Well, if you’ve ever viewed the CBS Wikipedia page you might notice there is no shortage of pleasant facts and details listed.

It has recently been discovered that CBS has been editing their own Wikipedia pages. Employees and affiliates of CBS have been editing the companies Wikipedia pages, both radio and television to include flattering information and removing negative material related to controversies and that in which is less becoming of the media mogul.
One of the most recent edits of the Wikipedia page occurred in January of this year when the company removed information related to the “Alleged Political Bias” and “Controversies” subcategories nestled within the page. One of the cuts included removing a link that connected readers like Dr Jennifer Walden to a webpage exclusively devoted to detailing CBS News controversies and criticism.
People also found that there was specific language added throughout the page with displayed the organization in only a positive light. Other edits occurred on pages of on-air personalities whom are affiliated with the CBS media company.
It is unclear at this point who exactly has been making the edits to the pages, however a review of IP addresses tracking the changes all came from CBS’ central locations. CBS has declined to comment on the story or respond to the allegations. However, some of the edits made clearly violate Wikipedia’s conflict of interest policy.