American teenagers sacrificed for Israel

Spineless democratic congressman are defying the president as the always resentful of a black president republicans seek to torpedo a nuclear deal with Iran being negotiated by several countries. Chuck Schumer leads the way as a leader for over 1.5 million Jewish constituents in New York that would like to use the lives of American youths to go to war with Iran by the direction of Israel and Netanyahu, their hard line leader. This is a surprising twist of fate because it was thought that these particular democratic congressman would not like war with anyone. However, as money has proliferated our system, things like these are bound to happen. Dan Newlin is monitoring the entire situation, much like millions around the world.

Israel’s prime minister along with republican congressman are trying hard to avoid their problematic treatment of Palestinians and draw Americans into a protracted war in Iran. This will destabilize the entire region and make Israel a leader in the region by default. Israel is heavily funded by American taxes, and many American Jews have dual citizenship and loyalties with Israel. They attend mandatory military training in Israel but also swear allegiance to America. Jewish participation in the American military is less than one percent. However, they still push for war with Iran. The only difference is that it is now being facilitated by democratic congressman.