Direct Selling and QNet

The Company With Variety QNet is one company that truly offers a variety of products through the direct selling method. These products include: *Fashion Accessories *Energy *Nutrition *Personal care *Home care *Weight management *Luxury goods These variety of products are sold on its website. This is done through direct selling. The industry is for consumer … Read More

Beneful Foods Benefit Dogs

Since 2001, Beneful has provided nutritious food and snacks for dogs. Owned by Nestle Purina Petcare, the brand generates over $1.5 billion in revenues each year and is the fourth most popular brand of dog food in the world.   The name “Beneful” was chosen because the food is “full of goodness,” and Beneful is … Read More

The Technology of Visual Web Searches

Web search engines once limited input for search targets to text only. The new versions of search engine providers are supporting the emerging area of visual search, that is, searching for targets based on graphical data objects. This can include as input: pictures, videos, and 3D models. This type of graphical search uses Content Based … Read More

Igor Cornelsen: Brazilian Businessman

International business is a field that has long attracted investors from all over the world. People seek to use their accumulated capital in best way possible in order to generate the highest possible rate of return on their savings. A businessman may also look to the field of international business in order to be able … Read More

McDonalds to Up Their Burger Game

The increase in choices that consumers have for a quick burger has the Big Mac facing more challenges than ever. With competitors such as the Shake Shack offering the ShackBurger at reasonable prices, McDonalds is bringing back it’s sirloin burgers. In an effort to bring affordable quality to their menu, later this month the “Angus … Read More

American teenagers sacrificed for Israel

Spineless democratic congressman are defying the president as the always resentful of a black president republicans seek to torpedo a nuclear deal with Iran being negotiated by several countries. Chuck Schumer leads the way as a leader for over 1.5 million Jewish constituents in New York that would like to use the lives of American … Read More