International Hotel Manager

With experience managing hotels on nearly every continent in the world, Christopher Cowdray has distinguished himself above and beyond. Hailing from Zimbabwe Africa, Cowdray earned a degree in Hotel Management in his home country before migrating to America. He furthered his education at the prestigious Columbia University in New York City. He was accepted into … Read More

A Pink Sky

For many people, if they see a pink cloud in the sky, then they might think that there is something going on with a UFO or a weather phenomenon. This wasn’t the case when people in Arizona saw a pink cloud at night. There was a rocket launch at an Army facility, and when the … Read More

The Success Of Jason Halpern

The Founder and Managing Partner of JMH Development, Jason Halpern, has over 50 years of experience in managing and developing properties in New York. He is third generation of the Halpern family who has developed several square feet of commercial space in Westchester County as well as hundreds of apartment complexes in New York and … Read More

New Treatment At North American Spine

When people come to North American Spine for treatment, they are going to find that they have a chance to learn all about how to live without back pain. The Center is there to make life easier for patients, and there are many patients who have no other place to turn. The Center uses revolutionary … Read More

Keith Mann’s Donation to the NYPD

Since the court ruling involving the wrongful death of a Staton Island resident, and police, protests have continued throughout the city, sometimes erupting into violence and attacks. While many NYC residents are still angered by the ruling, many are also incensed by what they call police brutality, racism and corruption. Other NYC residents, however, have … Read More

Meet the Leadership Team of Jonathan Veitch

Jonathan Veitch has changed what people thought about Oxy ever since he became President. Joining Oxy during a turbulent phase has not only helped to strengthen the college but has also revealed hidden leadership qualities in Jonathan Veitch. However, one thing that sets Oxy and Jonathan Veitch apart from others is his leadership team. Jonathan … Read More

Bruce Levenson: Entrepreneur At Heart

Bruce Levenson is a great American success story. Levenson was born in Maryland to working class parents. Levenson’s parents urged him to succeed in life, and he would eventually graduate with honors from Washington University before getting his law degree. Levenson has been very influential in both the NBA and in foundations where he works. … Read More