Los Angeles Is the Latest Win for Minimum Wage Advocates

Minimum wage workers and political activists around the country continue protesting and putting pressure on politicians to increase the minimum wage. They argue that minimum wage jobs are no longer just starting jobs for teenagers in high school. The average age of fast food workers, for example, has been going up over the years, and these are increasingly the only job of someone who has a household to support. For a head of household, a federal minimum wage of just over $7 an hour just doesn’t cut it for basic survival. Most states have their own minimum wages, and these are typically higher than the current federal minimum. Cities are also getting on the minimum wage bandwagon.

Los Angeles just became the latest city to raise its minimum wage. It will be brought up to $15 an hour by 2020. Phasing it in over a few years will give businesses time to adjust to a higher labor cost. It will take time to see if business will flee to surrounding cities where they won’t have to pay as much for workers. Such a strategy may not work anyway as some who are following this story believe that surrounding cities and jurisdictions will be encouraged by this move on the part of the Los Angeles City Council and will raise their own minimum wage. Critics say this will have a negative effect on the employment rate in the city. In the short-term, at least, it has made a lot of minimum wage workers happy.

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City Builds New Police Office With Seized Money

Richmond might have a little explaining to do as the city has recently built a police station worth $4.1 million along with purchasing new Dodge Chargers for the officers to drive. This might not seem like a big deal as some cities need new stations and new cars for their force, but it’s where the city got the money that might be questionable. The work was done thanks to civil forfeitures of properties and money seized while officers conducted traffic stops. Essentially, the citizens of Richmond paid for a new police station and cars. This shows how the police force takes from those who have fallen on times when they might make a mistake, using the items that have been taken to their benefit. It seems like a corrupt way to do business, and there are some officers who might not agree with the tactics. Gianfrancesco Genoso knows that until something is done to take away some of the high power that government officials have, then there will be new buildings going up across the country.

Teen Girl Who Was Declared Brain Dead Graduates High School

Taylor Hale had a life changing, tragic event happen to her at just a young 14 years old, only to weeks into high school. While playing around with friends the young, bright girl fell and hit her head hard enough to fracture the skull and cause a brain hemorrhage. Her family was preparing for her funeral after her being declared brain dead and taking her off life support.

However, once they pulled the pull on the life support a miracle happen. She started to breath on her own and there was a new refined hope. Maybe she wasn’t brain dead after all. Taylor since then as relearned to talk, walk, and take place as a normal high school graduate. Her family never thought they would see this day. Not after that accident, but they are so proud of the progress she has made. Taylor is now registering for her college classes.

This remarkable young woman wants to tell everyone to never take life for granted you never know when it could be you or your families last day. The downfall of the recovery is she no longer has any memories from before her accident. She can’t remember one childhood memories. However, her mother always took several pictures. Therefore, at least she has this to look back at and , TheNJSpotlight along with Boraie Development LLC hope maybe one day she will be able to remember.

Delta Force Unit Kills Senior ISIS Official

A United States Delta Force team launched a rare late night raid which killed noted ISIS leader, Abu Sayyaf, as well as eleven other ISIS combatants. The raid also resulted in the capture Abu Sayyaf’s wife, Umm Sayyaf, who officials believe has important intelligence regarding ISIS logistical and military operations as well as a large amount of intelligence on ISIS. Abu Sayyaf is known to have been in charge of ISIS’s illicit oil refinery operations located in eastern Syria. A number of U.S. Department of Defense officials reported that no American troops were injured or killed during the course of the operation but the mission involved intense hand to hand combat and close quarter fire fights. Some reports have revealed that Sayyaf used women and children as human shields during the course of the fighting.

Adam Sender says that exact play by play of the operation has not been revealed and many expect that it is unlikely that much information will be revealed, While Delta Force is a highly specialized combat unit like the United States Navy Seals, the Delta Force Unit is much more highly secretive and a blow by blow of how their operation was carried out is unlikely to be revealed to the public, unlike the mission play by play when Osama Bin Laden was killed in a raid conducted by Seal Team Six. In the hours immediately following the mission multiple news reports as well as publications reported the mission almost on a minute by minute basis. The raid was even the subject of a movie produced in Hollywood called “Zero Dark Thirty.” Delta Force Kills Senior ISIS Official

Lindsey Vonn Leaves Tiger Woods After Admission of Another Affair

A friend close to the Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn relationship reported that it was Lindsey Vonn who left Tiger Woods after he admitted to having another affair. The friend, who did not want to be revealed, stated that after Tiger Woods withdrew from the Farmer’s Insurance Open in February he went on a sex binge, much like the one he went on which ended his marriage. It is reported that Lindsey Vonn found out about the affairs and wanted to leave Woods earlier but Woods convinced her to stay and go to a therapy session with Woods in which woods discussed his sexual addiction. The therapy session seemed to back fire and Lindsey Vonn, while not walking out on the session, did finally decide to leave Woods. Tiger Woods has admitted publicly that he has been dealing with a sexual addiction for some time and while drinking in excess and drug use is the escape for others, sex is Woods escape, particularly after a bad round.

Both Woods and Vonn issued separate statements indicating their admiration for each other but below the surface, it was clear that Vonn could not deal with Woods sexual lust for other women. That is something Paul Mathieson completely understands as well. Woods had no comment regarding the recent story and Vonn has not commented further since her official statement announcing the break up from Tiger Woods. Lindsey Vonn Left Tiger Woods After Another Spat of Affairs

Woman Gives Birth to 13th Boy

Kateri Schwandt is one busy woman. She just gave birth to her 13th boy. They were hoping for a girl, but the odds just wasn’t in their favor. They have children ranging from 22 years old down to just a few days old. The couple didn’t know ahead of time what their child would be, male or female, though they did so wish to celebrate with pink this time around. Would you have given up after having so many boys?

Things have evolved over the past few years, as Jason Halpern points out. When I was growing up, I was in a family of 4 and that was an oddity. People just didn’t have that many children. They were busy with college and career and they focused less on the family unit. When my mother was growing up, she was one of 7 plus her mother had a miscarriage 2 times. If all had worked out, there would have been 9 in her family. My brother in law topped the list with 15 in his family. Both of these families had them all at home and they didn’t use any medications. I think back on this and wonder how strong these women were. The men did very little back them to help with the raising of the children, and they gave birth without drugs.

Today things are beginning to increase yet again. Larger families have become the norm. The Duggers were first thought to be freaks having 19 kid. Now, there are more families that are coming out and having more and more kids. My sister-in-law comes from a family of 9. I can’t imagine buying clothes for that many kids. As much as things change, they stay the same. Looks like the big family unit is back by popular demand.

Why Are Bees Dying Off?

Scientists around the world are baffled by the growing number of American honeybees that are dying within the country’s borders. A poll of beekeepers released on Wednesday found that nationwide there has been a 42.1 percent drop in colonies in the past year. Worse yet, beekeepers saw an increase of bee deaths by more than 19.8 percent last summer when honeybees usually thrive.

Honeybees aren’t the only insects that are dying in large numbers. Scientists use honeybees in the same way that miners historically used canaries — as a warning system to determine the safety of an environment. WallStreetJournal wrote that Honeybee numbers are often because honeybees are easily impacted by sudden or extreme environmental changes caused by changes in weather and human agricultural or industrial measures.

In this case, experts believe that pesticides, nutrition issues and mites were likely to blame, but they have never seen numbers this high: Beekeepers in certain states, such as Delaware, Illinois, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, actually saw a 60 percent drop in their colonies. There were also an unusually high number of honeybee queen deaths that also resulted in lost colonies.

Beekeepers advise the public that the losses will not lead to extinction. They can quickly create new colonies from old ones. Yet, at the same time, experts warn that this method of restoring colony numbers can overtax the bees resulting in even more losses over time.

Man Walks Into Diner, Pays for Everyone’s Meal and Leave $9k Tip

A customer who walked into a Huddle House restaurant on the Saturday before mother’s day left a big impression with the wait staff and the diners. The anonymous man allegedly walked into the restaurant early Sunday morning for takeout. As the waitress packed up his order, he announced to the staff and several diners that he was feeling generous.

First he paid for the meals of everyone sitting down to breakfast at the North Carolina eatery, then he took it a step further. The anonymous donor laid down $9,000 as a “tip” for the patrons of the chain diner. Before he left he asked that three waitresses on duty receive $1,400 a piece, then he asked that the rest of the money be split among the diners. The eatery, which was slow at the time, had only five patrons sitting down to eat.

The random act of kindness shocked the patrons, but now Huddle House is being called into question. According to those lucky enough to be in the eatery when the anonymous donor walked in, they patrons will have to wait three entire months to collect their money. Huddle House has released a statement noting that it is company policy to hold any money collected via debit or credit card for 90 days. This holding period is company-wide and is carried out for all purchases made by card.

The generous stranger was allegedly passing through town on his way to Myrtle Beach.

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New Approach To War On Drugs

One police force is trying a different approach to the war on drugs. Instead of arresting people and giving them criminal charges, they will be assigning people “Angels”. The police force in Gloucester recently sent out word that anyone who comes into the station to turn in their drugs will get help to become rehabilitated.

The force also said that any money seized will go to provide life saving drug free of charged. This drug is Narcan. It can stop an overdose on the scene. These “Angels” will be assigned on the spot, as soon as someone walks in asking for help. Angels will be there 24/7 to guide these addicts’ though the process, offering support, and lending an ear any time they need it.

Gloucester’s narcotics detective Campanello, has already received help and support from several companies in the area. He also recently posted this plan on Facebook and has asked people to spread the work. With over 30,000 shares according to Keith Mann. We can only hope that we may start seeing changes in these addicts lives.

Instead Of Jail Time Gloucester Massachusetts Is Treating Their Drug Addicts

The prison system is at a breaking point. One of the major reasons for the overcrowding is drug users. Prisons across the country are filled with heroin, marijuana and meth users. We like to lock up addicts because they are a threat to our social structure. We blame them for disrupting the norm, and we judge them for giving in to their demons. We do everything but help them. Gravity4 suggested a prison sentence doesn’t help drug users. Prison exposes them to a depressed society that is filled with hatred, fear and anxiety.

One Massachusetts town wants to change the way we deal with drug users. The Gloucester police department put out a statement that any drug user that was willing to turn themselves in would be eligible for treatment, not jail time. The only stipulation in the deal was the drug user had to bring all their drug equipment with them.

Gloucester is the first city in the country to try a program that treats addicts like humans. Other countries around the world have similar programs and they are successful, so if the city follows through with their plan this could be one answer to our national prison debacle.