Alexei Beltyukov’s SOLVY Revolutionizing the Way Math is Taught

SOLVY was debuted earlier in 2015, as Alexei Beltyukov’s latest education endeavor. Beltyukov has been an innovator in education. Using his own entrepreneurship and experience he is turning heads with It was named as one of the most promising start ups in the world.

SOLVY is an online homework solution for high schoolers. It gives students and teachers a system to learning, solving, and grading math problems. It helps stream line generating homework assignments for educators. Teachers are able to create lesson plans and assignments with ease. Unlike other online homework software which use multiple choice, SOLVY makes the students enter their answers and how they arrived at them. This eliminates students from taking random guesses at questions and helps the learning process. At a glance the system is able to show whether the class is grasping a concept and what areas improvement are needed.

We want to make it easier for teachers to understand and manage their students’ progress and offer them developmental feedback when outside of the classroom.”, Beltyukov stated on his Twitter. “SOLVY can help high schools around the country gain an edge in math education by making it more accessible and increasing comprehension of the given math subject.”

SOLVY helps students relate to math by using real-world problems. Every problem has multiple ways to find the solution. While the students are working on the problems they are offered hints and feedback based on their progress on the problem. Teachers also get in-depth performance reports reducing the grading process and increasing the time spent on actual teaching.

About Alexei Beltyukov
The famous author Alexei Beltyukov graduated from INSEAD Master of Business Administration program in 1997. He is well known for being a philanthropist and entrepreneur. He has helped create the Russian Alumni Scholarship. Beltyukov is the founder of A-Ventures, New Gas Technologies, Edemic Capital, and Solvy. As of February 2015, Beltyukov was appointed as the COO of Solvy. lists even more about Alexei Beltyukov’s career and what he’s done on that path.

Philip Diehl’s Podcast Interview Sheds Light On U.S. Money Reserve And Gold Coin Investing

Philip N. Diehl knows quite a bit about gold coins. At one time, he served as a director of the U.S. Mint. These days, he acts as the president of U.S. Money Reserve, one of the largest distributors of gold, silver, and platinum coins in the world. Recently, Diehl was asked to give an interview on the Enterprise Radio program airing on the EPodcast Network (EPN).

During the interview, discusses many different facets of buying U.S. government gold coins. He discusses how his background in government introduced him to bullion coins and gave him experience with managing a precious metals entity. Additionally, his tenure at the U.S. Mint helped Diehl learn the importance of customer service and how to implement solid customer service principles in a public or private sector entity.

The website of U.S. Money Reserve and the accompanying Facebook page, reveals insights into the company and its approach to customer service.

Investors interested in buying gold, silver, or platinum coins should look closely at U.S. Money Reserve. After providing hundreds of thousands of customers with coins, U.S. Money Reserve definitely deserves various accolades for helping to facilitate sales.

U.S. Money Reserve is located in Austin, TX and is capable of shipping to clients all over the world. Calling the sales representatives from the company should prove to be a pleasant experience. The representative will take the time out to discuss the specific types of coins available and which ones would be best for a particular client. These coins are not procured by the company without careful thought. A lot of work goes into both the research acquisition steps.

According to prnewswire, during the interview, Diehl also points out that the gold sold through U.S. Money Reserve is legal tender in the United States and has the potential to increase in value as the price of gold rises. This makes the coins valuable for those hoping to put gold away for long-term investment purposes and as a portfolio hedge.

The stock market is known to be notoriously unkind. Yes, the market do very well for the investor class, but the stock market can and does drop. In order to avoid massive losses, people will look to diversify their investments. The precious metals market is growing incredibly popular among those who wish to diversify.

Investing in gold can be done in numerous ways. Coins are consider by many to be more preferable than bars for an actual acquisition. Diehl does discuss a few reasons why coins are preferable to bars. Overall, the podcast is informative and those with an interest in the precious metals market should give the podcast a listen.

Ricardo Guimaraes BMG Shares Top Skills of Interest to Brazilian Employers

A skillful administrator such as Ricardo Guimaraes forms an excellent judge of skill and talent. Such judges can identify the right person to discharge certain duties in an organization. Ricardo Guimaraes has been at the top of decision-making at Banco BMG for almost two decades.
When Mr. Guimaraes took office in 1998, he set about reorganizing the structure of the firm. It means bringing in new faces. The new additions had to possess certain skills that would benefit BMG. Guimaraes succeeded in his quest to make BMG a leading personal finance bank in Brazil. The consigned credit market also possessed great promise for firms that dared to engage.
Ricardo Guimaraes associated with the youth on various platforms. While giving lectures, he used to assert the fact that education makes youths trainable, and it’s in their best interests to acquire skills. Guimaraes also encouraged the young people to discover and build on their talents. He runs an informative website, where he shares his knowledge and experience.
One of the most captivating uploads last month talked of the top twenty-five skills that firms look for in potential employees. Guimaraes shared the article whose findings were released by a web-based professional media LinkedIn. The site is known to link job seekers and employers as Guimaraes explains. The site allows users to create professional connections within their fields of interest. Even more conveniently, users in the same profession can exchange professional advice.
In Brazil, LinkedIn found the following skills to be highly marketable to local employers. High on the list include Statistical analysis and data mining, Mobile development, Logistics and Quality Assurance, which includes software testing. Web architecture and development also attracts employers in conjunction with software integration, Engineering, and data storage. All these elements of information would not be complete without information security.
Other in-demand skills include Recruitment, Public International Relations, Business Intelligence, Design interface, Occupational Health and Safety, Corporate law and administration and Business development. When it comes to marketing, expertise in Social Media and Digital Marketing wins over potential employers. Shell scripting and Java development also make the listing addition to coding languages such as Python, Ruby, and Perl.
Ricardo Guimaraes has won the hearts of his clients in the time he has been at BMG. He has created a legacy of developing sports and supporting local talents. Guimaraes also influenced leadership and entrepreneurship in the country. He received an award in his honor from the Council of Belo Horizonte.  According to, made headlines around the world. Ricardo expressed gratitude for being considered for the accolade. On behalf of his family, Mr. Guimaraes vowed to keep up inspiring generations to come.

Sergio Cortes Works to Become Traveling MJ Impersonator

When Michael Jackson started working on the “Man in the Mirror” song he certainly was not talking about Sergio Cortes. If Jackson were alive today, however, this is probably how he would describe the feeling that he gets when he sees Sergio in person. Many fans have described Sergio Cortes as a Michael Jackson clone. This is just how much this impersonator resembles the pop icon that entertaining millions of people around the world. That is also the thing that separates Sergio from a lot of the other impersonators. He looks a lot like Jackson, and he also has plans to tour around the world.

Michael Jackson impersonators, or any impersonator for that matter, are not people that tour on a worldwide level. This just isn’t a thing. That may be one of the biggest reasons that Sergio wants to do it.

He could easily be compared with a lot of other MJ entertainers when he is on stage. He has the dance moves, but there are others that can dance just as well. He has to costumes, but there are also others that can rent costumes and provide this type of Michael Jackson experience as well. The big thing that Sergio has on a lot of the other entertainers that impersonate Jackson is his desire to tour in different countries.

This is what Michael Jackson was known for, and that is how he became a world entertainer. There are a lot of celebrities that are very popular in America, but most of their tours are confined to the United States. Jackson became someone that could be contained to the United States audience. People in different parts of the world were interested and what Michael had to say in his music. This is what allowed him to travel outside of the United States and gain the attention of audiences on a global level.

Dino reports that Sergio has been in the business of entertaining fans as Jackson for several decades. For a long time he stayed within the realms of his native land which is Brazil. In recent years he built up the church to actually start a tribute show where he will be able to go on tour. This tour will inevitably make him the biggest Jackson impersonator hands-down.

Many people inspire to duplicate the success of Jackson, but he is one-of-a-kind. Sergio, an MJ impersonator, is also one-of-a-kind.

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Sam Tabar’s Impeccable Career in the Legal and Financial Professions

Sam Tabar is a high-flying capital strategist and renowned attorney. He is based in New York. Over the years, he has built a strong reputation in his expertise as an attorney and capital strategist. In 2000, Sam Tabar graduated from Oxford University with a Bachelor of Arts degree. In 2001, he enrolled at the Columbia Law School. While still a student at the law school, Sam Tabar served as the associate editor of the popular Columbia Business Law Review. shows Sam started his career in September of 2001 as an associate when he was recruited at the Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher and Flom LLP. While at the firm, Sam Tabar offered counsel to clients on employment issues, hedge fund formation as well as structure and regulatory issues besides compliance requirements and investment management agreements. He worked at the law firm until 2004 when he switched from the legal filed to the financial sector. He joined PMA Investment Advisors, a subsidiary of the Sparx Group Co. branch, which is based in Hong Kong.

Sam Tabar joined PMA Investment Advisors as a counsel. Later, he was promoted to work as the oversee matters of business development at the firm. At PMA Investment Advisors, Sam Tabar managed and worked on investor relations as well as all the components of global marketing for a $2 billion hedge fund. In addition, he devised and executed a calculated marketing plan for his company that targeted high net worth customers, institutional investors and large family offices. At Full Cycle Fund Sam Tabar created over 400 more investor introductions and a personal rolodex of more than 2000 probable investors.

After working with PMA Investment Advisors, Sam Tabar sought for more challenge at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch, where he joined in February 2011. While at the bank, Sam was made a director and manager in charge of capital strategy. He provided the bank’s hedge fund customers with counsel. Additionally, he targeted meaningful introductions to institutional investors like pensions, large family offices and foundations. Sam Tabar worked at Bank of America Merrill Lynch until September 2012 when he decided to go back to the legal field by joining Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP.

In January 2015, Sam Tabar added THINX to his investment portfolios. THINX is a startup company that seeks to assists women in America and Africa with fashionable underwear that supports their menstruation. The purchase of a pair of underwear offers a reusable sanitary pad channeled through AFRIpads to women that would otherwise miss school or work, in Africa. Sam Tabar notes that the firm’s business model is special for it encourages people in the society to think about international issues as well as give back through the purchases they make. Sam continues to work with Antonia and Miki, proprietors of THINX.  Sam Tabar can be followed on Instagram to keep up with his career.  Or he also has a presence on GoFundMe, where Sam Tabar continues his charitable efforts.

George Soros Explains China’s Stock Fall and America’s Dollar Decline

George Soros, who accrued 24 billion dollars by being savvy on the stock market calls, insists that not only are the markets gong to head straight toward another 2008 depression, but he additionally advises that China is headed for a deadfall due to unsustained debt and capital flight from the economy. He strongly insisted he is not predicting that; he is observing it happen.

Can WE Ride Out This Storm?
His Bloomberg and Marketwatch article was full of a weather forecast of dire events; however, it is not always a sign to sell or buy stocks when an ice storm approaches. Sometimes the stalwart can resist the temptation become faint of heart instead get their courage up and wait out the storm in bonds and metals, ready to jump back into the market when the storm ends. That logic sounds sound, provided you have a larder full of 24 billion dollars to feed on until the end of the storm.

Most of the USA is not yet ready to become Preppers and dig bunkers to store everything from powdered milk to silver and gold. Most, in fact, don’t have the wherewithal to make that kind of Hard Times Commitment. Instead, Americans are ridding their budgets of debt in as much of fervor as the Preppers store biscuits, and are willing to do without some needs to buy them at a “better time”. This kind of Scout preparedness is the most beneficial and self-encouraging for families today.

George Soros has long pulled for a new world order financially,and considers the current system “broken” with need of a new balancing system and keeping of assets. He deplores the USA resistance to this, as well as the Chinese reluctance five years ago to join the economic new world order and investing in global public goods. He stated UK and France transferred two billion dollars to development of the least developed countries and that is well known. He stated it is in the USA interest although it is painful to leave the dollar for another currency or operate at a deficit. He further emphasized that fear of inflation precedes inflation itself, and that keeps many things from happening globally.

New Soros Office in Asia
As a new event, Soros recently announced the opening of a new office in Singapore, an interesting segue. It is most likely a deference to the strategy of being on the spot when sudden shifts or changes in balances occur. Nonetheless, with George Soros’ background expertise, we can be certain it is not because he craves the Singapore culture right now, so we will all look to the East.

Marcio Alaor Explains Why Australia Continues To Grow

The Australian economy has been studied by analysts from around the world, and it is the subject of much debate amount industry experts. Marcio Alaor is an executive vice president at BMG Bank in Brazil, and he recently took to to explain his position on the matter. Marcio is partly responsible for investments at BMG Bank, and he wants his investment clients to understand why Australia is still a healthy investment for everyone.

#1: Australia Is Beating The Odds

Australia closed out 2015 with its 25th consecutive year without a recession. No world economy has come close to a streak of that length, and investors often wonder if Australia is an aberration. Investors are concerned that the Australian economy will bottom out in the future, but the bottom has never been seen.

#2: What Does Marcio Have To Say About It?

Marcio believes that success in Australia is tied to the export of commodities, and their government has carefully controlled inflation over the years. The economy of Australia owes a great deal of success to the stability of the Australian dollar, and exports will never fall away like they do in other countries. Marcio advises his clients to invest in Australia as a safety valve for other investments that might be more risky.

#3: China And Australia Are Partners

Australia exports to China quite a lot, and their economy grows with the help of a Chinese need to continue to expand. China is expected to grow in 2016 again, and Australia will provide many of the resources that are needed for that growth. Anyone who has invested in Australia may benefit from investments in China that are related, and Marcio helps his clients make these choices in his work every day.

#4: Australia Is Healthy

Australia is a generally healthy nation that Marcio Alaor considers a wonderful example for Brazil. Marcio’s daily job asks him to make money for BMG Bank, but he is concerned about the quality of life in Brazil. Following the example of Australia is a very good idea for the Brazilian government, and Marcio routinely touts the brilliance of the plans made by the Australian government. He sees a future in which Brazil can remain stable with a few adjustments to the Brazilian economy made in tandem with the federal government.

Marcio Alaor is a brilliant investor and banker who understands the genius behind Australia’s economic plans. Australia has managed to keep its economy out of recession for 25 years, and Marcio wants Brazil to take a page from Australia’s playbook. There is much to be learned from many world powers, but Marcio believes Brazil’s two strongest allies should be the superpowers in Australia and China.

Securus Technologies Gives The Prison System an Upgrade

I can remember the first time I visited my brother in prison. It was a scary place to visit. It was a terrible process, and the visitation seemed like such a short time frame. It would be years before I would go back to see him. That is just how displeased I was with the whole process. It was awesome to learn about a piece of technology from Securus Technologies that would allow me to see my brother again. This great thing about this is that it would not take an actual prison visit to do it. I wouldn’t have to get in a car and drive for two hours. This is what has made many people take notice of Securus. It is a company that has brought technology to the prison system.

I believe that this is technology that prisons could use to speed up the process of visitation. The online video visitation process can be a lot easier. I also feel like this is a lot more private. There were so many people waiting when I used to visit the prison system. I always felt like a guard or another visitor was listening in on my conversation. I have more privacy with the online visitation. Prisons also benefit from this type of setup because it doesn’t take as much personnel to get the visitors to the visitation stations. It also cuts down on the time that visitors have to be searched.

This technology does not exist in every state, but it certainly should. It is going to make the lives of many people on the outside much easier. I applaud those that have waited in long lines and driven long distances to see their loved ones, or even those who use the inmate phone calls when they can’t visit. I have done it before, and I must say that it just isn’t for me. I would prefer to have access to the Securus online visitation. That is the thing that I really do love about online visitation. It is so easy to do and it can be done from anywhere.

Securus Technologies was really on to something when they came us with this type of software. It is a momentum step in prison technology. The prisons are usually pretty outdated when it comes to technology so the systems that implement the Securus visitation stations are taking a much needed step in the right direction. This is certain to catch on in prisons, as it is already expanding the programs and leadership at Securus.

Santo Antonio do Monte Honors the Vice President of BMG, Marcio Alaor

Marcio Alaor is the vice president of Banco Minas Gerais. He was born and raised in the town of Santo Antonio do Monte. At one time, he worked as a cobbler in order to provide for his family. Through his hard work, he was able to go to university and make a career for himself. Over the years, Marcio did not forget his hometown. He has been involved in different projects that are geared towards improving his community’s livelihoods. During the 2014 annual Santo Antonio do Monte Agricultural exhibition Marcio was paid homage.
The new food court that was set up in the town was named after him. The Alaor Marcio Araujo Food Court was inaugurated during the 33rd agricultural exhibition. Marcio, who has been a huge supporter of the city especially the rural area, was presented with a plaque where his attributes were listed. Residents, politicians and members of the local authorities attended the event. In the past, the food court used to be a grain warehouse.
The annual event, which ran from August 21st to 24th August, brought in media attention to the city that is known for agriculture. Marcio has created projects that have boosted the city’s infrastructure as well as quality of life in the town and rural area. Luis Antonio Resene was among the guest speakers and was quick to list the contributions that Marcio has made to the city.
Marcio received the plaque in the presence of his family and expressed his gratitude to the town. He was quick to add that he did not expect the honor as all he has done for the city was a means of showing gratitude to the community that has made him into the man he is today. Marcio praised the residents for the contributions they have made and the support they have shown both him and BMG. He urged those living away from the town to remember their roots and help in building and improving the town. Marcio thanked the town for honoring him and emphasized on the importance of honoring community members while still alive. He hopes that more members of the communities will be honored for their contributions to the town.
Santo Antonio do Monte is the largest milk producer in West Central. Despite having little land for agriculture, the town has thrived due to the improved transport, technology and communication. The rural area is responsible for the growth of the town. A lot of achievements have been noted and farmers continue looking for more ways to increase productivity. The president of the rural union, Vimar Octavian, attended the inauguration. He said that the support that BMG and Marcio have accorded the farmers would create room for more developments.

Autism Rocks with Sanjay Shah

Raising Funds for Autism Research
There is a wonderful research cause that Mr. Sanjay Shah is passionate about. This cause is “Autism Rocks.” Mr. Shah and his wife have experience with autism. They know that autism can be misdiagnosed. A behavior analysis can be performed by a psychologist to provide the diagnosis for autism. When a child is diagnosed with autism, they will benefit greatly with therapy. Many families cannot afford to pay for therapy for their autistic child. There are government-funded programs that can be used as a resource for families who have an autistic child. These are families who need support. The resources come with a long waiting list. This is why Sanjay is involved with Autism Rocks. There is a large need for funding and research. Children with autism do have many needs. The money raised for this cause will provide needed research. The money will also go toward therapy for these children. Money will also provide the needed support for families. There has proven to be a very big need for an autism-charity. Families with autistic children do need help and support. Autism does come with numerous needs. Money is indeed needed for Autism Rocks. This charity for autism was started in the year 2011. Shah and Usha, his wife, were responsible for the start of Autism Rocks. The couple started this when they had discovered that their own two-year old son was diagnosed with autism. This couple saw the large need for this worthy and wonderful cause.Sanjay Shah has Sponsored Many Children
Sanjay Shah is the president and CEO of Solo Capital. For the past ten years, Mr. Shah has actually been sponsoring children in India. He did this through Plan International. He was able to send money on a monthly basis. He is a man who cares about the welfare of children. Sanjay and his family had immigrated from Kenya to London in the 1960s.

Sanjay Shah is Qualified to Assist Autism
Mr. Shah is a strong businessman who is highly qualified to assist in the Autism Rocks cause. He is a compassionate human being who does know how to raise money for this worthy cause that will help so many families. He is an educated man with many good qualifications and skills. He is the right man to assist in the research of autism.