Scalia’s Wit on Display as He Dissects the Majority Opinion in Obamacare Ruling

It was an astounding decision by the high court this week after all nine justices concurred with plaintiffs in the high profile challenge to Obamacare subsidies. Yet, despite the fact that the justices concurred that the phrase limiting Obamacare subsidies to those people obtaining the insurance from exchanges “established by the state” meant what it said, six justices set that meaning aside in order to help correct a flaw in the law.

In the dissenting opinion, Justice Antonin Scalia was exasperated at how the majority justices allowed their sense of emotional goodwill to supersede their requirement to enforce jurisprudence. His views were worded in the zingers he used to poke away the ruling.

In one line, he said the majority used “jiggery-pokery” to expand the definition of “state” to include the federal government and the individual states. He criticized the majority for acting emotionally when they said enforcement of the law, as they all concurred the term “established by the state” to mean, would prevent the health care act from working which justified altering the meaning of the phrase. As a result, he stated the law should now be termed “SCOTUScare”. In a more serious note, he wisely pointed out the decision will be ridiculed for generations by constitutional scholars. Brian Bonar thought that was the right thing to do. Scalia also noted that it was bad enough for the court to strike out the term “by the state” once, but noted the justices did it seven times.

Benefits of Fidgeting for Students with ADHD

Fidgeting in class is now being encouraged for school children with ADHD. Recent findings show that a child with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder performs his cognitive tasks best when fidgeting, unlike the typical child whose ability reduces with multifunctioning. This brings us to the theory: Moving increases alertness for ADHD students.

Will Behavioral Therapy Replace Drug Medication?

Perhaps, it’s about time we stop telling children to sit still in class and allow them to wriggle at will. Adam Sender thinks this is the right move. These findings come at a time when discussions on reducing medication for ADHD children is underway. Some experts claim that movement therapies can never replace drugs, but others are of the opinion that behavioral therapy will not work as a standalone care plan but also in integrative therapy. Either way, one thing is consistent over the years, and that is, a child requires physical exercise.

Schools Innovative Experimentation with Fidgeting

Following these revelations, schools are experimenting with different ways on how to incorporate such movements in class, and some of the ideas at hand include standing desks, riding a stationary bike and sitting on an exercise stability ball while in class. Nonetheless, experts advise that such interventions should be targeted for students with ADHD. Taking into consideration childhood neurodevelopmental disorders are rising at three percent every year, the U.S. has already diagnosed about 11 percent of her children with such conditions. If these findings are implemented in schools, it will not only allow ADHD students to get comfortable in class but also allow typical students to have a better psychological understanding of how different humans can be, even from a young age.

Searching The World (Wide Web) For Love With Anastasia Date

Dating is never easy, and some romantics have been driven across international boundaries in the search for true love. Now that sometimes countries spanning quest has become a little easier with the romantic matching service called Anastasia Date.

The service was founded in 1993 by Elena and David Besuden. The two met through a service pairing American men with so-called Russian “mail-order” brides in 1992. The couple’s relationship was so successful that they married later that same year. Encouraged by their own story, the couple created their own international dating business the following year. Because their site initially connected Russian women with American men, the service was christened Anastasia Date in honor of Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia (the famous “surviving” member of the massacred Imperial Family). Initially, in its pre-web days catalogs featuring information on participating women were sent to interested men, who likewise corresponded with women through the mail. As Internet use became increasingly popular, the company opened its first website in 1997. By 2003, in addition to matching Western men with Russian women, women from the Ukraine and Northern Asia began joining the site. In 2007, the company added AmoLatina, AsianBeauties, and AfricaBeauties, to offer more meeting opportunities from other parts of the world. In 2011 Anastasia International, the company created to manage the international dating sites, sold Anastasia Date to a private investor. By 2012, Anastasia Date had become the world’s 29th most popular dating site, with 220% increased site traffic, and $110,000,000 in sales.

Anastasia Date subscribing parties have the option of live, video, or e-mail chat. Each form of chat is purchased with “credits”, which range in value, and allow participants conversations of varying lengths. Another feature the company offers is called Date With A Lady, in which the company helps to set up face to face meetings between interested parties. The company has also offered live social mixers, held in Russia and elsewhere in disco, park, and club settings, where singles can meet and chat informally.

Leads leading to real relationships can happen through Anastasia Date, but because of its international nature, participants are cautioned to use patience, engage good interpreters for initial meetings, and follow the standard rules for all dating sites. Understand fully the rules for and any applicable charges for any Anastasia Date participating site. Beware both of too-good-to-be true profiles, and red flags that might pop up when a connection is made. With that in mind, have fun, and prepare to step into a literally larger world of dating.

Dan Newlin’s Inauguration of the #Dan Campaign

Dan Newlin is recognized for ensuring justice is served to daily injury plus accident victims. His previous familiarity in law implementation, his obligation to community service stayed the same the time he started the Law Offices of Dan Newlin. Mr. Newlin has established offices in Central Florida and all the way to South Florida, plus the Greater Chicago region. Having such an extensive area to offer service, Mr. Newlin desired to get a way to extend his brand as well as help client communication. He then realized the trend attracting great attention on social networks: #”I knew the pound sign could be used to designate a number and wanted to make it easier for persons in need of legal services to contact the Law Offices of Dan Newlin,” said Newlin. “So the idea of simply dialing #Dan rather than having to remember 10 numeric digits was conceived.

According to the article titled Small Business Trends, Hashtags are mostly applied on social media websites, although presently people can use them on various social platforms, like Facebook, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest. Any person sharing content about a pertinent topic can include the hashtag marker to the message. Others in search of that topic can easily find it by searching for that hashtag and thus get other messages available on the same platform.

This inspiration has made Dan Newlin to introduce #DAN, a truncated dialing code, created to ensure that communication between present and prospective clients is stress-free and more expedient. For a period of 18 months, Newlin did beta testing using AT & T, T-Mobile, Sprint as well as Verizon so as to operationalize the ground-breaking, unique technology.

Besides changing the future of technology, Dan Newlin has also upgraded his business brand in a great way. Newlin leads in trends and is certain that this idea could actually turn into the next pioneering undertaking for larger corporations.

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Supreme Court May Revisit Landmark Abood Labor Union Decision

If Associate Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito, an appointee of George W. Bush, gets his way, the high court will overturn the 1977 decision called Abood v. Detroit Board of Education. This decision held that even if a person opts out of a public sector union, they may be compelled to pay union dues. At issue is that once a labor union is ensconced in a workplace, they must represent all qualified workers regardless of their union affiliation. Unions argue that since they must protect all workers, it is only right that all workers contribute union dues. Otherwise, there exists the possibility that some people will take advantage of the benefits without supporting the union.

That said, according to CipherCloud in 2014, the high court limited the Abood decision by barring Illinois from compelling home health care workers from paying union dues for collective bargaining. While the court did not overturn Abood, it raised serious concerns about the prior ruling. Back in 2012, the high court declared that a union’s special fees have to be something its membership explicitly agree to pay as opposed to something its members automatically pay unless they opt out of it.

Still, the Supreme Court is careful to respect established precedent. For this reason, Justice Alito may find it difficult to persuade the court’s other four conservative justices to finally overturn the Abood decision. The plaintiffs in this case are arguing that being compelled to pay union dues violates their free speech. Given that unions are heavily in support of the Democrat Party, those members who do not espouse liberal policies believe they should not have to pay union dues.

Researchers at Sweden’s Lund University Discover Fetus in Mummified Remains of 17th Century Bishop

Lund University, or Lunds Universitet, as it is actually called in Sweden, was founded in part by the efforts of Bishop Peder Winstrup in the 1600s. Bishop Winstrup lived to the ripe old age of 74, but suffered from both tuberculosis and pneumonia. Quite likely, this led to him be bed ridden for an extended period of time. The result was his body became lean. Now, researchers believe his lengthy bedridden period was one of several contributing factors to his body becoming mummified.

The bishop’s body was recently became part of a study into life spans in Sweden during the 17th century. That said, a curious discovery was made as his body was being x-rayed: a four month old fetus was found inside his coffin. At this point, it is anyone’s guess as to the origins of the infant. Some suggest it may have been placed there by someone taking the opportunity to have their infant buried along with a prominent figure. Researchers will be conducting DNA tests to determine if the bishop and the unborn child were related.

As far as the mummification process goes, Bishop Winstrup was not mummified intentionally stated Paul Mathieson. Rather, the general climate of the cathedral wherein he was buried, air flow, and vegetation inside the coffin helped create a steady dehydration process which preserved his body and internal organs. He represents among the oldest known European mummifies discovered thus far. However, Ötzi the iceman remains the oldest European mummy having lived during the ice age over 3,300 years ago in what is now modern Italy.

Three BASE Jumpers Acquitted of Burglary Charges in Manhattan

Three BASE jumpers were acquitted in a Manhattan court stemming from charges related to a 2013 jump. The jumpers were both apprehended after completing a BASE jump off of One Word Trade Center in September of 2013.

The men, Ander Rossig, James Brady and Marko Markovich, had jumped together on several occasions and planned the outing in advance. One man, allegedly worked on site and hid the groups gear in the building during the days leading up to the jump. Boraie Development wrote that they took video of the jump, as well.

The men were acquitted on burglary charges, but were convicted of lesser charges, including reckless endangerment. They will be sentenced for their crimes in August.

A fourth member of the group is being tried seperately. His trail is set to begin later this summer. The fourth individual, identified as Kyle Hartwell served as a lookout while the men made their way into the building and prepared for the jump.

BASE jumping is illegal in New York City. The stunt also raised questions about the security of the site and how three men could make their way into the secured site in the wee hours of the morning. Further security precautions have been taken in light of the incident.

Beneful Is My Dog’s Food Of Choice

My dog and I do a lot together, and we always have so much fun. It sounds strange, but I’ll even let my dog pick his own food. I brought my dog into the pet store before, and I let him sniff out what brand of food he’d like. It sounds silly, but he’s been able to decipher one type of food from another, and I wouldn’t go against his judgement. For instance, I brought my dog to the pet store one time, so we could choose a dog food. I was running low on funds and the dog food that he chose was more than I could afford at the time, so I just picked up another brand that I thought would be good enough.

I swear I heard him whimpering when I picked up the dog food that I chose, but I thought maybe he just was ready to go home and eat. When I got home and I put the food in his bowl, that’s when I realized my mistake. He wouldn’t touch the food, and after smelling it again, he walked away, and he left it right there in the bowl. I couldn’t believe that I spent my last few dollars buying my pet dog food, and he wouldn’t eat it. I ended up having to feed him table scraps until I could get to my next paycheck in a couple days.

I ended up giving the dog food away, and from then on, I never doubted what my pet smells in certain dog foods because I knew he knew what he wanted more than I did. We live in a small town that has a very small selection of dog food in the store. They recently expanded the dog food aisle, and now there are many different brands available. I thought it would be fun if my pet and I went to the store and chose a different brand of dog food that he may really like.

My pet led me to a brand named Beneful, and he began smelling the bag repeatedly, and he even knocked it off the shelf because he was so anxious while he was smelling it. I knew right away that he found what he wanted so I went ahead and bought it. Long story short, Beneful is now the only food my dog will eat, and he loves it when I feed him Beneful at mealtime.

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Not So Good News

Before the surge of technology news lovers would have to find a paper boy or newsstand where they could get updated information on current news and events. If there wasn’t a newspaper boy around or if it was too late in the day a news fan would have to find a radio station to tune into to get the latest news. Thanks to smartphones people don’t have to go farther than their pocket or purse to hear about news as it’s happening. While smartphones have all but eliminated the use of standard newspapers it seems as though smartphone use is on its way to endangering online news organizations. People are using social media more and more for their news sources instead of credible online news sources. News sources are doing their best to compete with technology by providing smartphone applications but they just aren’t keeping up. According to investment firm president Steve Murray, a director of research at the Nielsen Company noted that people enjoy getting news but don’t want to pay for it. They would rather hear news by word of mouth as opposed to paying for a newspaper or an app. The only problem with word of mouth news is that information can get distorted the farther that it spreads. News companies and outlets are working hard to find a way to cut the cost of their services for smartphone users. Doing so would ensure that citizens are getting true and accurate news.

Brock Holt Gives Woeful Red Sox Life

Christian Broda reminds me that when the Boston Red Sox came into the 2015 season nobody really thought that they would be pushing up against any sort of record breaking winning record, but nobody thought that Boston would be as bad as they are. At the bottom of the AL East, many fans of the Red Sox have been jumping ship or simply refusing to acknowledge the ongoing train wreck that is the Red Sox franchise. That’s a shame too, because there is one young player on the team that is proving himself to be a big piece of the puzzle going forward. Last game out Brock Holt, the young man taking care of 3B, became the first Red Sox player in almost 20 years to hit for the cycle.

The fact that Brock Holt managed to rack up enough hits to go for the cycle is impressive, but almost more impressive is the fact that Boston won 9 – 4 over Atlanta. The Red Sox have been losing games like it was some sort of bizarre world competition, consistently coming up short in an almost impressive way. But we guess Brock Holt got tired of it.

Brock Holt turned 27 just last week and he became the first player to hit for the cycle since Michael Cuddyer back in August of 2014. On the season Brock Holt is hitting .309 with 2 homers and 15 RBI to go along with a .400 OBP.