The cut throat technology industry demands the best for all players. The firms that innovate new ways to solve continually rising problems make fortunes. Organizations in the industry must keep researching, reinventing and revolutionizing the way things are done.

Cipher cloud represents a classic example of such companies. They have taken the cloud storage sector by storm since their inception five years ago. The company specializes in internet security services especially cloud data. Most importantly, Cipher cloud’s compliance with regional, national and international data protection regulations allows it to operate without inhibitions.

The Cloud storage sector has grown by leaps and bounds with the increasing demand among enterprises to store data in remote servers across the world. When data is stored in the cloud, multinational corporations can seamlessly access the same data on different locations around the world. However, the main challenge with internet security today is the risk of loss of information, especially to hackers. When a company’s confidential client information leaks online, consumers lose their trust in the business that is bad for business.

By taking note of the growing gaps in the internet security sector, Cipher cloud comes up with innovative solutions. These solutions include real-time cloud data encryption, computing, data protection and insurance, residency, and privacy. These solutions are facilitated by the development of specially designed enterprise software. Their solutions are by far the most comprehensive internet security controls in the industry.

Cipher cloud’s mechanisms allow the company to monitor data activity within the cloud. By so doing, access to confidential information remains within authorized circles. Also, the firm acquired a sister company whose technology allows the screening of other applications used to safeguard the cloud for malware and other invasive bugs. Cipher cloud’s ability to transfer large volumes of information onto their servers without complications serves as a powerful tool for organizations to hire them.

It is also important to note that Cipher cloud’s services have attracted a very high demand. They already have Google and Amazon Web services on their client list. Investors around the world have consistently shown great faith in the Cipher cloud’s model of business. It comes as a no surprise that the company has been funded to the tune of around $80 million within five years.

Currently, their client ratings are higher than ever, and they handle tens of millions of files for hundreds of organizations across the globe. As a result, Cipher Cloud is in the process of expanding its operations for the second time since inception having acquired a $50 million capital injection. According to the management, the Internet security industry is only growing, and they intend to give Cipher cloud a huge global presence on all eight continents.

Beneful and the Table

I was really an old school dog owner. It seems that in my day being good to your dog was to feed it the same foods we ate. I continued with this philosophy throughout life. However, there has been a revolution in the available information on dog’s health. Not only is our food not healthy in many cases for dogs, some human foods can be dangerous and even lethal to our beloved pets. I resolved to make a change, but my dogs acted as though I forgot to include them in this decision to suspend their table food eating. I embarked on a much tougher journey than I anticipated.

It required a wholesale changing of their regimen to thwart begging at the table, and it also exposed me to the vast amount of false advertising involved in the dog food industry. Luckily, I grew up in a rural community. I knew of certain brands of which I could trust like the Purina brand. I finally settled on Purinastore’s Beneful brand simply because my dogs liked it. I really underestimated how much taste was involved in the process of weaning them from table foods. Feeding them dry dog food was too much of a change for their finicky habits. We surmised it too different from the human foods they were used to including certain vegetables of which they had grown accustomed.

Beneful’s vast selection of wet dog foods solved this issue. However, their effective nutrition happens to be combined with some of the vegetables we fed our dogs, so we knew it would be a good chance they liked them, and this would facilitate the necessary transition from the dangerous unhealthy table foods. Our salvation was Beneful’s Chopped Blends line of wet dog foods, and many of the Chopped Blends offerings have tomato, wild rice and carrots.

However, Chopped Blends pairs these healthy dog-friendly vegetables with nutritious meats making our job easy. We simply had to find which types they enjoyed. We started with Chopped Blends with salmon, but our dogs really enjoy the Chopped Blends with beef. There is an additional Chopped Blends with beef, but it has peas, barley and carrots much like a favorite soup we shared with our dogs facilitating the transition even more. Because of Beneful, I am still treating them well, but now I do so with the confidence they are safe and healthy while also enjoying their food.



The Career Profile of George Soros


George Soros cuts the figure of a straightforward and persuasive business big shot. He made his name in venture savings and flexible investments in a period crossing three decades and is one of Forbes’ Highest Earning Hedge Fund Managers and Traders.

According to his Investopedia profile, George Soros was born and raised in Budapest, Hungary during an era of rebellion and anarchy. His country found itself in the focus of the brutality. Growing up, Soros decided to flee the war and search for a better place to nurture his talents.

In his late high school years, he set out on a scholarly trip that would lead him to greener fields. He settled in England and got to be one of only a handful of fortunate people to learn at the London School of Economics. This learning opportunity was a huge accomplishment for Soros at the time.

George Soros delighted and impressed at the London school of Economics. His understanding of administration, economy and finance were exemplary. 1952 saw his introduction into investment banking. He grew an intuitive and eager mind that empowered him to learn and add to his business gifts. Having an open and intuitive mind allowed Soros to learn and grasp new concepts.

A few years down the line, his talents were scouted by several investment banks in the US, and he relocated to New York. Here, his career took off. Over a two-decade period, he established high profile working relations with three prestigious firms namely Wertheim and Co, Arnhold and S. Bleichroeder, and F. M. Mayer. While working for in New York, George made out a career and found fulfillment in his work.

In the mid-1970’s, he decided to dedicate his years of experience into an own venture. He built up the Soros Hedge Fund Management. Under his stewardship, the firm did some exceptionally productive business. George’s administration and strategic investing earned him enormous revenues. Furnished with the money muscle of speculators who had trust in him, he made billion in dollars more than two decades. In 1992, a cash hypothesis he made on the British pound wound up winning him a $1 billion benefit in one single day.

George Soros is maybe one of the best investment banking personalities ever seen. He utilizes his worldwide reach and impact to advocate for social and political change. Since his retirement from the financial administration, he has devoted his assets to the strengthening of social order. His hedge fund now runs as Quantum Fund.

George Soros’ impact is presently felt in political activism and human rights organizations. Much the same as in the business world, his personality and influence galvanize like-minded individuals and agencies. His thoughts shape philosophical approaches to policy development and implementation. He is an influential writer and author on social and political themes.

He serves as the pioneer of the Open Society Foundations. These open societies serve the purpose of promoting good governance, democracy, education and scholarships as well as lobbying for human rights. They operate in strategic partnerships with other networks in society. George Soros has contributed so much to the welfare of communities.


Eric Pullier a Good Investment for CSC

The Computer Sciences Corporation, headed by CEO Mike Lawrie, is a multinational leader in providing business solutions and services through technology. Founded in 1959, their work spans many sectors of business, including aerospace and defense, chemical, energy, financial services, healthcare, technology and manufacturing, just to name a few. Much of their work is focused on cybersecurity and cloud computing, two areas that promise to impact the business world of tomorrow in a big way. How is CSC so successful? The answer is in the employees they recruit.

One high caliber innovator that was part of Computer Sciences Corporation was Eric Pulier. Known as a maverick in the computer software industry, Pulier has invested in four venture capitalist funds, been involved with over twelve business endeavors and sits on the board of two charitable organizations while being involved in multiple others. Mr. Pulier does not just have a good business mind but possesses awesome intellectual capabilities as well. Nothing illustrates the diversity of his genius better than the fact that while at Harvard he studied not only computer science, in which he has sixteen patients, but also English and American Literature as well as Visual and Environmental Studies. On top of his business, philanthropic and intellectual successes, Pulier is also proudly a family man as he has four children. The ability to attract well rounded employees who excel in the professional sphere is crucial to CSC’s success.

CSC acquired Pulier’s company ServiceMesh, a cloud platform that drastically lowered the cost of IT help to businesses by merging the IT services with cloud computing, in 2013. At the time, the acquisition was big news in the business world that helped CSC continue to provide excellent services in the technology sector. While Pulier himself left CSC in 2015, his work has undeniably added value to CSC.

The future looks bright for CSC as they recently won a ten year contract with the federal aviation administration to help consolidate data centers and help store information using cloud computing. CSC continues to collaborate with high powered players in the technology industry as they will work together with Microsoft and Amazon to complete the project for the FAA. Much like its work with Eric Pulier, CSC is again showing that its ability to attract business relationships with excellence is a key reason why it will continue to stay at the forefront of technology based solutions for years to come.

Healthcare Companies improving their services

After lagging behind for very many years, the healthcare industry is finally one of the world’s largest industries. The industry is rapidly transforming and reviving with the aim of improving healthcare for all people by specializing in improving the access to healthcare, enhancing the experience and reducing the cost of receiving healthcare. Healthcare companies in the industry like Nobilis Health are driven by the need to deliver quality of healthcare all over the world. Improving access to funds for healthcare has also been a major priority of the healthcare companies. The healthcare companies areu an essential part of the society and as such many investors have taken interest and are injecting capital into the sector. This has been the major reason why the industry is growing fast.

Improving the access to healthcare is one of the main objectives of the healthcare companies. Nobilis Health companies have invested in the ownership and management of several healthcare facilities including ambulatory centers, surgical center as well as hospitals. Majority of the healthcare companies have strong record of mergers and acquisitions in their pursuit of improving access to healthcare. As the healthcare companies expand their territories, people are able easily access medical care. The health companies also aim at increasing their revenues by expanding and owning more facilities.

Healthcare companies on are also dedicated to enhancing the experience of patients while they receive medical care. The professionals at the health care facilities are encouraged to provide quality patient care. The healthcare companies have also invested in medical equipments to ensure that the patients receive the best medical care. The technology being used in the healthcare facilities has helped in enhancing the experience of the patients. For instance, the use of noise detectors, and patient alarms among others have facilitated patient satisfaction. Communication between the patients and the health care providers has been encouraged in order to promote patient satisfaction.

Healthcare companies have come up with programs that help reduce the cost of receiving medical care. Such include insurance programs for individuals and families. Health insurance program assesses the risks associated with health care and the cost of receiving medical care and charges a premium usually on a monthly basis which is then used to cover the health care expenses of patients. Healthcare companies also have their own financial services that ensure patients access medical care without worrying about the cost. They provide financial solutions such as leases, loans and tax exempting finances to their clients. With the help of private investors, healthcare companies are able to reduce the costs of providing medical care.

Nobilis Health is a full service healthcare development and management company that has been recognized in the healthcare industry. It operates and owns ambulatory surgical centers as well as surgical hospitals in the United States. The company has been in the frontline improving the access to healthcare, providing increased patient satisfaction and providing the healthcare at a reduced cost. The company has also invested in marketing campaigns aimed at increasing patient awareness and uses the campaigns to identify and recruit professionals for each program that they offer.

ITEC Growing with Brian Bonar’s Vision

ITEC, which is also known as Imaging Technologies Corporation, is a major creator of software and hardware for color management and digital imaging. They also provide service for their products. This company was started nearly thirty-five years ago and it is based in San Diego, California. ITEC provides various market segments with imaging products, such as software, copiers, printers, and plotters. They specialize in clients who are running medium to small businesses. Customers appreciate the total package of ITEC’s system solution. Everything they need is bundled together, such the supplies, computer software and service agreements. ITEC services what it sells.

ColorBlind © is one of their prominent software packages which combines applications to make images successfully over various platforms of software and hardware. The program has won awards and is easily ran by new or experienced professionals. Clients can also get supplies such as paper, toner, and ink through ITEC’s e-commerce branches, www. and These sites also provide service support and helpful information concerning software products and color education.

During the past year or so, ITEC has developed from a manufacturing/developing corporation to one of marketing/servicing. The company plans to use its knowledge and experience in imaging products and services to broaden their acquisitions and to serve a larger client base. ITEC specializes in serving small and medium businesses by offering various administrative services.

Recently, ITEC sought to diversify their executive services by acquiring a professional employer organization. Virginia’s SourceOne Group, Inc. is now a branch of ITEC and helps clients with human resources and other payroll services. ITEC hopes this acquisition will enhance services, keep loyal clients and boost profits. ITEC also is working with small to medium reseller businesses in order to reach customers and other sources of revenue globally.

As the CEO of ITEC, Brian Bonar has a lot of experience in imaging services. For nearly twenty years, he worked with companies such as U.K. ltd. and IMB. Later, he worked in an Alabama company called QMS as its executive director of engineering for over four years. His hard work and expertise took him to San Jose, California to work for Bezier Systems, Inc. as their vice president of worldwide sales and marketing. In two years, he accepted the position of executive vice president and COO. Finally, in 1998, Bonar was named CEO and was chairman of the board doe Bezier, Inc.

Brian Bonar’s vision as CEO of ITEC is inspiring for all those who work with him. He has been interviewed by several leading financial journals and is considered and expert in the field of imaging services. With all their new services and acquisitions, it is expected that ITEC will continue to expand with Bonar’s experience and competent leadership.

Sergio Cortes Is Succeeding At Impersonating Michael Jackson

When he was a boy, Sergio Cortes fell in love with the moves that Michael Jackson was making. He loved them so much, in fact, that he tried to copy the man. He had fun with trying to impersonate him back then, and now he is a true impersonator of the man. He has worked ambitiously to get the look of the singer down just right, and he has also put his all into making sure that his moves are just like what the singer did. He wants to leave the world feeling impressed by all that he can do, and he has already made that happen greatly. People have seen Sergio Cortes and all that he can do and have called him the best Michael Jackson impersonator.
Being an impersonator means that one will have to abandon who they are and try to take on the life of someone else. It means that they will have to put in many hours and hard work to make things happen in the best way. Sergio Cortes knew all of this, and yet he was fine with that. He didn’t want to have just any job, and he knew that being an impersonator could be fun. So he has worked ambitiously, and he has made things happen in a good way. He has become Michael Jackson, and he has left many people feeling impressed by the moves and look that he has taken upon himself.

There aren’t too many people who are better at the job that they are doing than Sergio Cortes is at being an impersonator. He has put his all into making things happen just right, and he deserves every bit of recognition that he receives for doing that. He deserves to be named the best impersonator of the great singer because of just how hard he has worked to make sure that he is honoring the man just right. Sergio Cortes cares about what he is doing, and he cares about doing things well. That is everything when it comes to someone taking on a job that is as complicated as being an impersonator, and that is why Sergio Cortes has been able to succeed at it.

The Achievements of Chicagoan Business Leader Mr. Majeed Ekbal

Majeed Ekbal is one of the top leaders in business in Chicago. The American University graduate encourages professionals to join the corporate industry. Mr. Majeed is renowned for his efforts in transforming global entities into a profitable business by his extensive experience in marketing. He has a vast expertise that he propelled avenue Razorfish and DRAFTFCB company’s profits to increase widely. Mr. Majeed’s marketing experience ranges from e-commerce marketing, social media marketing, and healthcare marketing among others.

Majeed is a top influencer and has won several prestigious awards in his career. His portfolio is widely followed in LinkedIn by several people who like his inspirations. He guides professionals to enhance their marketing skills. Mr. Ekbal has a Soundcloud account, is an active philanthropic member. Despite having a busy career, he has spent enormous resources for a better society. He has served the underprivileged with excellent opportunities to develop the community and improve the general welfare of the community.

In his over two decade career, he has a tremendous experience in social media. He is the founder of espresso Inc in early 1990. Mr. Majeed Ekbal formed the company after graduating from the American University. The company interests were creating an online demand shopping service for individuals working and residing in the downtown and suburban areas. The company had high integrity and commitment that is attributed to Mr. Ekbal’s hard work. The city’s top papers featured the company due to its efforts in successfully implementing new marketing ideas that were not frequent at the time.

Ekbal forms one of the most respected business leaders in Chicago. The city is the most third populous city of United States. It has an extensive network, and well-developed infrastructure was favoring business growth. Chicago business is among the leading enterprises in the country. The city is home to the leading investment banks, institutions of higher learning and politician. The vibrant economy of the city is as a result of a highly experienced labor force that has created a dynamic economy.

Chicago is a global finance center of the entire world. With an economy of over 500 billion dollars, it has among the largest economies of the United States. It is becoming the global leaders in business. The city has great talents that are crucial for its continued growth. With developed entrepreneur sector, it has harbored growing business to thrive even in harder economic recession. Most of the successful companies in the United States that grow big are based in Chicago. The city has top women leaders in American entrepreneur sector.

An insight into the life of Shaygan Kheradpir

Some people are blessed to lead companies and make them stand out from competitors. Shaygan Kheradpir is a technology and business executive who acts as a CEO of the Juniper Networks according to fiercetelecom. He holds bachelor, masters and the doctoral degree specializing in electrical engineering from the Cornel University. Before being the CEO of Juniper, Shaygan Kheradpir held top position at the GTE Company, Coriant and Barclays. In all these working stations, he contributed to cost cutting measures and product development. Earlier life Shaygan Kheradpir was born in London. However, he lived in an oppressive Iran growing up. Some people who have interacted with this business and technology executive might think his father’s position as an ENT doctor placed him above others. However, the success in leading several companies and technology world boils down to his personal hard work and vision. His early schooling was done in Switzerland and later moving to the United States for university education. Earlier career path After graduation from Cornel University with a bachelor in electrical engineering, Shaygan Kheradpir started working as GTE Laboratories. Here, he was in charge of routing the network, control, and management. This is where he carved a niche for himself as he learned to respect his work on With years of experience, he rose to become the chief information officer of GET Laboratories. One thing that stood out from him is the ability to deliver new products within the stipulated time. Having a degree in electrical engineering is also credited with his rise to business, technology and leadership. GTE merged with another company. Bell Atlantic to form Verizon Communications. Here, Shaygan Kheradpir was appointed the president. His duties included the development of small teams of experts to design new products for Verizon Company in 2001. During this time, he created several prototypes and cut the budget of the company to 4%. Entry into Barclays After steering Verizon to great heights, Shaygan Kheradpir joined Barclays taking the position of Chief Operations Officer for the global retail and the business bank department. One of the notable developments credited in Barclays innovation is the Pingit mobile pay and software development for the bank. Reign at Jupiter In the year 2014, Shaygan Kheradpir started work at Jupiter Networks as the CEO. His first development for the company was to develop and execute the restructuring and reducing costs. This creation was christened Integrated Operating Plan. This program was to see a reduction of $160 million and giving shareholders $3bilion of their money in a span of three years. To achieve this, the company had to buy shares and increase investors’ dividend. This period also saw him consolidating several R& D Groups and products. With vast experience in business and technology field, Shaygan Kheradpir has continued to innovate and built mission-driven groups that create change to benefit clients, investors, employs and the community. Shaygan Kheradpir is credited to connect, straddle and innovate across boundaries of traditional business disciplines in different economies. Today, Shaygan Kheradpir leads in technology and business, having an experience of 28 years. His experience is seen in the financial service industry, technology firms and telecom. Though he holds the position of CEO at Jupiter, Shaygan Kheradpir says that is was, and never is his plan to move up the ranks in any company. His focus is always to make his time have an impact to any organizations he works.

Bonar’s Great Skills in the World of Business

The world has never experienced such a rising need for financial guidance as it does today. The entire globe has been on the lookout for financial advice from professionals who have been in the field. Brian Bonar is one of the greatest financial advisers that have built a name for themselves in the industry. Owing to the rising demand for financial planning, Bonar has become one of the most sought after financial advisers and his skills have helped many organizations, businesses and governments. He has been at the top of the leadership at Trucept and he has influenced great changes and growth in the company. He has built a great career at Trucept and in the industry in general and this has been achieved over years of service and experience.

Bonar has lead a number of companies as a top management leader hence making decisions that have helped the growth and development of these organizations. At Dalrada Financial Corporation for instance, he left an unbeatable legacy with his great leadership skills which have laid a foundation for the company’s great performances over the years. He created a management model in the company that it still uses to date. Bonar is a qualified engineer which is a surprise to many people who have only met him in his business dealings. He does his job so well that one can hardly think of him being anything else other than a financial expert in training.

Bonar has a bachelor’s degree in engineering and a master’s degree in the same. As such, one is left to wonder how one can be shift from a very different professional and become too good in another. Bonar has got no training at all in financial matters but he has developed his experience over time and he has beaten all the odds to become one of the best financial advisers there is. He draws his skill from his passion as a kid to create technical things around him. As a child, he was very curious and he always created structures using things around him.

When it comes to business, he has had the same vigor. He has helped managers and other professionals in the business communities to create business models that have been working for them over the years. He started at IBM and QMS where he is still considered a legend for the leadership and business models he helped build up. Currently, he is mostly known for mergers and acquisitions areas that have helped him scoop numerous awards in the industry. He is on the other hand a known philanthropist and he has helped in funding and supporting different charity organizations. His entrepreneurial skills have been greatly recognized the world over.