Susan McGalla Seeks To Inspire Professional Women

Prominent executive, Susan McGalla, is on a mission to share her remarkable business experience with aspiring women entrepreneurs.

Throughout the years, this renowned professional has maintained many leadership positions at American Eagle Outfitters, HFF Incorporation, Wet Seal, and Joseph Horne Company. Notably, these integral careers have encouraged her to launch P3 Executive Consulting, which is a prestigious firm that specializes in branding and organizational development for clients in a variety of industries. As an influential entrepreneur, McGalla strives to assist business minded women in their professional pursuits through motivational engagements and conferences. Essentially, she strongly believes that anyone can become successful regardless of their gender.

McGalla’s flourishing success is encouraging professional women both locally and globally. Although the industry encompasses many high profile businesswomen, McGalla’s uniqueness lies in her simplistic approach to profound triumph. Through events at the Women and Girls Foundation in Pittsburg and the Carnegie Mellon University Speaker Series for CEOS, this leading executive motivates women with her childhood story.

At a young age, McGalla deeply understood the value of a dollar as her family instilled in her exemplary hard work principles. Born and raised in Liverpool, Ohio with her two older brothers, she was taught to have confidence in presenting her thoughts and beliefs regardless of the audience. Notably, her parents held her to the same standards as her brothers by expecting her to perform well in her studies and her extracurricular activities. Moreover, shortly after graduation, she enrolled at Mount Union College and proudly received a bachelor’s degree in business and marketing.

During her motivational speaking engagements, she often attributes her self-assurance to her unbiased childhood upbringing. Remarkably, as a result of her parents’ stern guidance, she is always equally comfortable with communicating with both men and women. This deeply rooted confidence has served her well, especially throughout her employment at American Eagle Outfitters. When she first joined this renowned company in 1994, the leading executives maintained mostly male employees. Despite the apparent gender difference, McGalla still excelled in her management position as her work often surpassed her male counterpart’s contributions. At American Eagle Outfitters, she held many leadership positions before serving as the company’s president and Chief Merchandising Officer (CMO). Most prominently, her ascension at American Eagle Outfitters was the result of a true culture change.

Notably, McGalla’s inspiring childhood story has inspired women from many states in countries worldwide. Today, she continues her career by managing her prominent company, P3 Executive Consulting. In essence, she excels in assisting businesses who need an expert perspective regarding their financial affairs. McGalla enjoys maintaining autonomy over her career which was greatly influenced by years of hard work, persistence, and flexibility. In addition, this influential American businesswoman was a leading manager of the Allegheny Conference on Community Development, a former trustee of the University of Pittsburg, and a board member at Mount Union College’s Board of Advisors. Fortunately, her gender was never a factor in her professional goals or personal desires.

Role of Executives in a Company’s Success

That CEO of a company gives neither sufficient time nor thought to rescue his or her company during distress call is a myth. Every executive has some sort of obligations when it comes to saving the company from the brink of collapse. In fact, some executives spend more time than their regular employees on the future of their business. There are times when executives spend time on a good many other things associated with the company like social and community responsibilities as well. When neglect happens, both they and their company pay a huge penalty. And yet, the notion that executives are not worth what they earn in terms of income and bonus prevails among workers.

What is also important is to see how well an executive is treating his or her company. Whether there has been progress in terms of revenue, whether there has been the absence of knowledge among these executive or the lack of system for tackling the economic tasks in the business are things to ponder about. In fact, today’s competitiveness takes all the executive’s time and a few have managed to utilize it well, like Citadel’s founder Kenneth Griffin. Some executives feel like caught in the rat race just like other employees. They figure that crash programs intended to solve certain issues rarely achieve long lasting results. And yet, there is a need to rush from one crash program to another during their tenure without expecting the outcomes. Worse yet, they know that the same problem will recurr no matter how may times they are solved.

Citadel LLC is a privately owned hedge fund firm based in Chicago. The firm manages thousands of client portfolios with assets over $26 billion to manage. It has been investing in public equity, fixed income and many alternative investment markets and still does. What Citadel is also known for is its perfect strategies when it comes to stock investments across diversified sectors. As you may have heard, this company was once on the brink of collapse in 2008. There were many dimensions to the task of bringing it back to it original state which its founder Griffin handled meticulously. First, he identified its potential. He created strategies that were different for a different outcome. All these were done at the same time the company was facing challenges due to market recession. All these were also carried within the same organization, the same resources and in the same changing process. The future was made within a year or two. Citadel was able to reverse some of the losses by the end of 2011. Ken with the help of his team were able to tackle these challenges by understanding the true realities of his business and its capacity for economic performance. There was an alternative to the “rat race” that other companies were experiencing.

The moral of the story is, only a few executives ever pull different strategies together into a coherent whole and only a handful are able to draw action conclusions from them.

Paul Evans Offers the Right Accessories for Men

There are certain things that all men look for when they are purchasing accessories to add to their wardrobe. There are certain kinds of Italian shoes that the average man wants when he is out shopping for the right pieces to add to his accessory collection. When a man is shopping he needs to be able to find the right kind of accessories, the pieces that he feels will help to complete each outfit that he wears. Men know what they are looking for when they are shopping, and Paul Evans knows how to supply men with just the kind of things that they are wanting.

When a man is shopping for a leather accessory that will help him to look polished and put together he can find what he needs from the kinds of items that Paul Evans has available. Men want to be able to put together pieces that will add to the clothing that they wear, and they can get those kinds of pieces from this brand. When a man is looking for a belt or another accessory he wants to find a piece that is going to help him look his best. He can find just what he needs from the Paul Evans brand.

Paul Evans knows just what men are looking for and it offers the right accessories for those men. The items that this brand offers are made from high quality materials that will last the men a long time. The items that this brand offers are made in a way that is stylish and classy. The items that are available from this brand do not quickly go out of style. Paul Evans knows how to offer men the kind of clothing accessories that they are looking for, and this brand provides men with the right kinds of pieces.

Citadel’s Risk Management Expertise And Ken Griffin

Citadel LLC is an investment firm that has built up one of the strongest reputations in the investor communities, managing and growing funds from all different kinds of markets. Citadel LLC recently won an award at the Institutional Investor’s 13th Annual Awards event in New York for 2015 Institutional Hedge Fund Manager of the Year. What Citadel prides itself on is having a team of individuals who do extreme due diligence in the vehicles that they place investor money, and they provide one of the most comprehensive risk management programs to ensure the trust of investors. Since 1990, Citadel has helped investors to diversify their portfolios and make sound decisions in deciding where to place their funds.

Founder Ken Griffin has a long history of working with hedge funds and making wise decisions with investor money. Even as a freshman at Harvard, he took a keen interest in investing and saving up for his future. He even started his own hedge fund right off the bat which included money from his family, and using a unique strategy for managing the funds he was able to prevent any losses from happening during the 1987 crash. But it didn’t stop there, once he moved on to his career he used his incredible judgment to take the funds Glenwood Capital LLC’s CEO lent him and capitalized on those landing one of the largest profit increases that the company had seen to that point.

A few years later, Citadel was born. The firm grew its empire very quickly, starting from about $4.5 million in base funding to reaching over $1 billion in capital in about 8 years. Citadel has not just been a highly competitive and powerful firm, they have been listed in the top 10 greatest places to work because of their positive environment and benefits that they provide their employees. Griffin has also received awards and accolades such as Forbes Magazine’s richest people under 40, and recent financial marketing gurus have estimated his net worth at about $5.5 billion. One of his most famous statements was that he believes that all shareholders should have the greater say in how a company is managed and have access to their executive meeting rooms.

Griffin has also addressed various Wall Street and government spokespeople in a growing concern over failure of transparency and regulation within the global markets. He has cited the dangers of lack of risk management by big banks and major investment firms, especially in light of the 2008 recession and how agencies like the SEC need to strive for greater accountability for the institutions. He’s also expressed concerns about the derivatives markets and what has resulted because of the push to increase investments in that market. Griffin also makes no secrets about his political contributions to key candidates such as Mitt Romney, Eric Cantor, and Bruce Rauner. He also has given donations to various institutions in his community such as childrens hospitals, museums, and financed the foundings of charter schools within Chicago.

BRL Trust: Write an Article About This Company

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As the most popular investment company in Brazil, BRL Trust has established a great reputation and is considered a powerhouse in the investment market. The company is very honest and dedicated to providing high quality money management and investing services. Unlike many investment companies and financial counselors out there, BRL Trust has the time to attend to clients and to meet their needs. BRL Trust aims to have a lot of client interaction, and to see their clients satisfied with results of their effort.

When you work with the expert team of financial advisers and money management professionals at BRL Trust, you can enjoy tremendous benefits in your investing endeavors. BRL Trust believes strongly in honesty, integrity and transparent dealings, and they put a lot of effort into ensuring customer satisfaction. BRL Trust encourages clients to present their concerns and ask questions about anything you need to know. When dealing with financial matters, it is the most reliable way to build trust and confidence. BRL Trust strives to establish the trust and maintain a good relationship with their clients. Check out BRL Trust article on

If you want to reap great rewards and reach your goals as an investor, then you need to make the right decision and choose BRL Trust. Choosing the right investment opportunity, and going with the right investment firm, will allow you to make your dream come true. Over the years, numerous people have tremendously benefited from this company. That’s because BRL Trust provides information, advice, tips and every resource you need to succeed.

Dan Newlin – An Elite Attorney Who Helps Victims From Every Economic Class

In the legal industry there is a difference between lawyers and super lawyers. The term “super lawyer” is a self-explanatory phrase, for it defines an attorney who has excelled within their field of practice. Dan Newlin is part of that class of attorneys as a personal injury lawyer who has won over $150 million dollars for cases involving medical malpractice, personal injury, workers’ compensation, car and motorcycle accidents, nursing home abuse and more.

Prior to becoming an attorney, Newlin worked as a law enforcement officer and firefighter. As a law enforcement officer for 10 years, he worked his way up to the esteemed position of a sheriff’s detective. Newlin was responsible for investigating narcotics, auto theft and fugitive apprehension cases. After receiving many awards and accolades from the law enforcement community, Newlin decided to change professions and attend law school. In the year 2000, Newlin graduated from the Florida State College of Law, and after passing the bar exam he opened up his own personal injury law practice in Florida. In 2014, Newlin expanded his Florida law practice to include the state of Illinois, with emphasis on the Chicago market. Over the years, Newlin has grown his practice into a boutique-style law firm that is comprised of 18 highly skilled and experienced attorneys.

Dan Newlin is considered an elite attorney because he has won cases that have produced substantial rewards for his clients. For example, Newlin was able to obtain a $950,000 payout for his client, Edward Krutsinger, who sustained serious bodily harm after his vehicle was struck by an oncoming truck that failed to stop at a red light. This particular case was a classic tale of an innocent victim versus a large insurance company. Essentially, Mainstreet America Group insurance company did not want to compensate Mr. Krutsinger for his pain and suffering and they denied the seriousness of his injuries despite his medical reports that stated he suffered from brain trauma, pelvic and collarbone fractures and damage to his back and neck as a result of the accident. Despite the expensive legal team Mainstreet America Group was able to assemble, Dan Newlin was still victorious for his client in the amount of $950,000 dollars. Here, Dan Newlin was discussed by PRNewsWire.

As an advocate for victim compensation and justice, Newlin battles against big businesses and insurance companies to make sure they honor monetary obligations for acts that have resulted in the bodily harm of victims or damage to property. Mr. Newlin believes that insurance companies should cover for lost wages, pain and suffering, medical bills, therapy bills and more when they are liable for acts of trauma and loss.

Dan Newlin is proud to provide professional legal services for accident victims and for people who are victimized by insurance companies and large corporations. Our legal system is designed to protect the rights and health of the general public, and Dan Newlin is committed to excellence and justice as an advocate for his clients in the courtroom.

Women in Charge

Business is an ever growing career that umbrellas multiple sections that can be divided into even smaller fragments, giving people multiple choices if they wish to pursue a career in business. Since the industrialization of the US, private and publicly owned businesses have become the backbone of the economy. Whether they’re small mom and pop shops or widely known corporations, they both set out certain standards of goods and services to give to the open population. Some families keep a business open for decades, passing down the company through the generations while other people venture out on their own and build a company from the ground up.

For a long time business was heavily dominated by males, with few females taking any seat of power. However in the past few decades women have been turning the tables and taking the business world by storm. Facebook is a widely known social networking site and is used all around the world, Sheryl Sandberg saw it through their $100 million IPO smoothly and is set to be put on the board of directors in June. Another widely known brand is PepsiCo, currently sitting in the chair of CEO is Indra Nooyi, who returned $5.6 billion to shareholders last year. Virginia Rometty is a huge name for the company IMB, a 30 year veteran for the company she is now the first woman ever to be tapped in as CEO.

With so many women now in the business world many have been climbing the ladder of success and making huge strides for female CEOs, executive consultants, CMOs and owners of their own companies. Susan McGalla is one of those women who have started up high ranking and ascended quickly in the retail business world. McGalla started her career at Joseph Horne Company were she bounced around in various marketing and management positions from 1986 till 1994. After choosing to leave the company she joined American Eagle Outfitters later in 1994 as a divisional merchandise buyer for women’s clothing. Once again she performed various jobs involving marketing and management until she became the company’s CMO. During her role as the company’s president she oversaw the launch of Aerie and 77kids brands.

McGalla left her position in 2009 and joined Wet Seal, soon succeeding Ed Thomas as chief executive officer in 2011. In 2014 she parted ways with Wet Seal and founded P3 Executive Consulting. Her consulting firm helps clients with branding, marketing, talent management, operations and more. She is also an avid spokeswomen for young girls and gives women advice on how to get ahead in the careers in a still heavily male dominated world. She has spoken at the Women’s and Girls Foundation of Pittsburgh and at Carnegie Mellon University. She seeks to help young girls and women who strive to succeed in the world of business and uses her experience to benefit the younger generations of girls seeking success. Currently she is the director of Strategic Planning and Growth for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

What Can We Learn From CCMP Capital?

There are a lot of things Stephen Murray CCMP Capital has to offer and had to offer, but you may not know much about the company and it’s past. The good thing is you can learn anything you want to by just asking.

What is CCMP?

This company is a merge between chase financial and JPMorgan Partners. It was purchased by JPMorgan and then the name of the company was changed to reflect this. It became one of the worlds largest Equity firms and remains so to this day. Stephen Murray was a great CEO who watched the company bloom into what it was until his death in March 2015.

What Can We Learn?

There are a ton of things we can learn from CCMP. We can learn how a great company can make it in the new financial world. We can also learn that with a little work we can create a company that can make it in any kind of financial world we need to. Even when things were a little touchy for the company Stephen Murray was able to keep the company together and going for as long as he was running the company.

How He Did It?

There is really no defined way to make a company succeed like his did, but he did something right that kept the company going and is still being used today. This is wonderful for companies that want to advance and who want to make the most of the time they are creating and building their companies.

There are many companies that have made it through hard times, but Stephen Murray found a way to do it even when his health was declining. He is truly a pioneer in business and anyone starting their business should research what he did so they can understand how to create a great business.

The Vital Link Between Entrepreneurs and Venture Capitalists


Entrepreneurs are a special breed. There are not a lot of people who have the internal drive required to be a successful entrepreneur. You have to get yourself to start working in the morning and throughout the day to get a new business venture off the ground or keep building the one you are currently working on. There won’t be anyone looking over your should to prod you on so this drive and determination to get done on a day-to-day basis those things that need doing to keep the business going needs to come from inside oneself. 

You also need to plan and organize to be a successful entrepreneur. All the drive and determination in the world will still leave you falling flat on your face if you haven’t worked out exactly what it will take in the way of resources to get your business off the ground, and just as importantly, to keep it going in the early stages until the positive cash flow starts coming in to make it self-sustaining. The ultimate resource, of course, that any business needs, is money. 

Entrepreneurs need to plan all aspects of their business, but nowhere is planning more critical than with regard to money. If you run out of start-up capital before you reach the point of decent profits coming in, then you are in trouble. This is why one important trait of entrepreneurs needs to be to present their business plan to financial backers in a way that makes them and their business idea appear to be a safe bet to support. These backers are called venture capitalists and they are the lifeblood of entrepreneurship in America.

Marc Sparks is a venture capitalist, based out of Dallas, Texas, who has helped numerous businesses achieve success. He has reached success himself by knowing what to look for when choosing businesses to back. He recommends that entrepreneurs pay attention to what information they are providing potential backers when they come up with presentations for them. He stresses that they keep the presentations simple and that they make an important point with all the visuals and data they convey. Mr. Sparks also believes that someone who wants the backing of a venture capitalist such as himself should be confident enough of their product and the team they work with to have them front and center as part of such a presentation. 

There are of course other traits and skills that those who strive to be successful entrepreneurs need, but without the necessary capital, it’s hard to get off the ground even with a boatload of other necessary skills. With the necessary capital, one can hire those people who complement skill sets that they may be lacking in to help ensure the securing of capital for a business and then for the business itself. Entrepreneurship is not for everyone, but for those who have the internal calling to and drive for this type of life, it can be extremely rewarding both financially and personally.

Joseph Bismark Believes A Spiritual Connection Reduces Business Stress


The West has always separated business from spiritual teachings. The East, on the other hand, has always incorporated their spiritual side with their business side. In other words, Asian businessman are taught to focus on the subjective in order to express the objective. A good example of this mentality is Joseph Bismark. Bismark’s story is outlined on the WordPress Blog: Bring on the Random.

Bismark spent some time as a monk before he became a businessman, and that experience opened his eyes as well as his mind and spirit. He discovered strategies that he could implement in the business world. His calm demeanor and inner strength helped him resolve performance issues, and his inner drive gave his employees what they needed to change the way they looked at business and the art of the deal.

Joseph sits on the board of QI Group, and he is also the managing director of the company. The QI Group is one of the largest multi-level marketing corporations in Asia. Bismark’s book, The Gem Collection: A Compilation of Wisdom has been an inspiration to people that don’t have a clear mission personally as well as in business. Bismark has put his body, mind and spirit together, and the result of that mixture is business success.