International Hotel Manager

With experience managing hotels on nearly every continent in the world, Christopher Cowdray has distinguished himself above and beyond. Hailing from Zimbabwe Africa, Cowdray earned a degree in Hotel Management in his home country before migrating to America. He furthered his education at the prestigious Columbia University in New York City. He was accepted into the Columbia Business School Executive Program, which is an accomplishment in itself. One of the six Ivy League business schools, the Colombia Business School Executive Program is designed specifically for individuals to continue their education without interrupting the careers. Needless to say Cowdray accumulated quite the educational resume.
Cowdray began building his hotel management career in his home of Africa. He has managed hotels all over the vast continent of Asia. His career then migrated to the outback country , Australia. His work in the Middle East speaks volumes of his ability to provide an excellent level of management. His work also brought him to the United Kingdom as well, where some of his finest work and accomplishments were to be made.
Overall Cowdray has over 30 years of hotel management experience. One of his crowning achievements would be managing the Claridge in London. The Claridge is a 5 star hotel that has an overwhelming history of accommodating royalty. It has often been referred to as an annex to Buckingham Palace.
In 2004 he became the general manager of the Dorchester Hotel, in London as well. The Dorchester is famous for being true to its original furnishings from its opening in 1931 , while still having all the modern amenities. It is also one of the more expensive hotels in the world. The hotel is one of ten hotels owned by the Dorchester Collection. In 2007 Cowdray became the Chief Executive Officer of the Dorchester Collection. He added several hotels to the luxury hotel collection including hotels in Bel-Air, New York , London, Geneva, and Rome.
His resume speaks for itself but with all his hard work have come great recognition. In 2013 Cowdray graciously received the Lifetime Achievement Award at the European Hospitality Awards. His 30 year career is impressive but his work on the Dorchester Collection no doubt earned him this great award.
Many individuals dream of their hard work paying off half as much as Christopher Cowdray’s has for him. His devotion the hospitality business and his work ethic is an inspiration and he deserves every bit of recognition he receives.

A Pink Sky

For many people, if they see a pink cloud in the sky, then they might think that there is something going on with a UFO or a weather phenomenon. This wasn’t the case when people in Arizona saw a pink cloud at night. There was a rocket launch at an Army facility, and when the rocket launched, it left a trail of pink in the night sky. Brian Torchin says it was a beautiful thing to see, and it’s something that people usually don’t get a chance to see. This is similar to an aurora, except it was pink and not green like you would see with those lights. It’s still something to keep an eye on, and it’s something to make you wonder what the Army is really doing, especially since the rocket was launched from a facility in New Mexico. Perhaps the military is doing something that they don’t want people to know about, and they have to conduct the launches at night.

Reverend Al Sharpton Losing Job On MSNBC And Involved In $20 Billion Lawsuit

Reverend Al Sharpton has been in the news for the last two days. An article published by Atlanta Daily World (AWD) website entitled “Rev. Al Sharpton to lose daily show on MSNBC” appeared February 23. This morning at 7:29, another article appeared at The Hollywood Reporter website, “Comcast, Al Sharpton Hit With $20 Billion Racial Discrimination Lawsuit” report about the claims of the lawsuit, which, according to Reverend Sharpton were ungrounded because his show is the top ranking show in the 6:00 pm time slot. In what is being called an overhaul of programming, Joy Reid and Ronan Farrow shows have been cancelled and other popular host said to be in the hot seat include Lawrence O’Donnell, Ed Schultz and Chris Hayes.

The lawsuit indicating that Reverand Sharpton “sold out” and was paid to facilitate discrimination was filed by the National Association of African-American Owned Media (NAAAOM) in California Friday, who filed similar suits against AT&T AND DirecTV in December reported Genoso. The lawsuit comes at a time when the two companies are merging to become the largest pay television distributor in the US. The lawsuit claims that Comcast and Turner Warner Cable spent approximately $25 billion annually for licensing pay television channels and advertising their products and service, and only spent $3 million per year to 100% black owned media companies. All three deny allegations of discrimination. These news stories about Reverend Sharpton are sure to unfold in time.

New Treatment At North American Spine

When people come to North American Spine for treatment, they are going to find that they have a chance to learn all about how to live without back pain. The Center is there to make life easier for patients, and there are many patients who have no other place to turn. The Center uses revolutionary technology to help patients get over back pain that might have plagued them for years. Also, these treatments are led by a professional staff that knows how to guide the treatment from beginning to end.

The patients that turn up at the Center on their first day are going to have a chance to talk about the back pain that they have had. They can discuss surgeries they have have had, or they can bring in their records from a surgery that just happened. The majority of these patients are going to be able to get care on the first day, and they are going to be given a treatment plan that is going to help them get better over the long term. The idea behind the center is to allow patients to get better at their own pace.

When patients are returning often for more therapy, they can talk about their treatment plans with the staff. They can change their treatments, and there are therapists in at all times to answer questions or do extra sessions with the patients.

When people are desperate to get over back pain, they need to figure out what they can do to change the way they live. The North American Spine Center does that with the help of their amazing technology that is made just for patients who have tried everything else. Patients get expert care, but they get to leave the clinic without any more pain.

Judgment in Favor of John Textor: New York Supreme Court Terminates Lawsuit

As reported by a PR Web, New York Supreme Court Judge Debra James terminated the lawsuit against John Textor, former CEO of Digital Domain Media Group. The lawsuit against other defendants named in the case were also dropped.

In a 26 page opinion, Judge James said the attorney for the plaintiff failed to establish conclusively the investors’ claim that Textor had made any false or misleading statements or misrepresentations of material fact. The court also found there was no evidence that Textor had failed to disclose financial circumstances or projections for DDMG, or that any documents had altered or falsified.

Attorney for the plaintiffs, Arthur Abbey from the firm Abbey Spanier, LLP, made the argument that Textor and his fellow defendants had committed fraud, negligence, breach of good faith, misrepresentation, and breach of fair dealing. Abbey failed to show conclusive evidence.

Textor claimed that attorney, Arthur Abbey has a long history of filing claims involving top executives of very large firms and corporations and, according to Textor, has gathered a large number of plaintiffs. Textor furthermore, claimed that Abbey was more or less “copy catting” his cases.

The original lawsuit against Textor was filed by an action in 2013 by Iroquois Master Fund and Kingsbrook Opportunity Master Fund. John Textor and 13 other defendants were named in the suit.

The findings in this lawsuit were that John Textor, former CEO of DDMG, had in fact accurately disclosed all financial information with no evidence of any false or misleading information given by him. Findings also show that he had realistically projected the company’s financial situation to investors. In addition to termination of the lawsuit, plaintiffs were ordered to reimburse all court costs and fees.

Keith Mann’s Donation to the NYPD

Since the court ruling involving the wrongful death of a Staton Island resident, and police, protests have continued throughout the city, sometimes erupting into violence and attacks. While many NYC residents are still angered by the ruling, many are also incensed by what they call police brutality, racism and corruption. Other NYC residents, however, have a different message. Keith Mann, founder of New York company Dynamic Search Partners made a gesture of support for NY police when he sent lunch to the 54th Street precinct on February 9.

Mann’s intention was to boost police morale, and to say thanks for the job they do every day. This comes after recent violence and attacks against police officers in the city. Mann’s respect goes deeper than just the precinct officers. Wife Keeley Mann’s uncle is an officer on the Station Island Police Department. Mann describes police work as the small jobs that often go unnoticed. That would seem especially true in the bigger political landscape.

Mann feels citizens should be doing more to help police, and sending lunch was a small gesture of support for his gratitude for the NYC keeping the city safe in difficult times. Mann isn’t the only one that supports police. A recent rally took place in which 150 stood in support of the NYPD. Many other silent voices are said to support the police, both in NY and across the nation.

Mann’s effort in sending lunch was not only to support police, but to send a message to the silent majority supporters to speak out in police defense. Though unpopular, in light of recent violence and attacks on police, Mann says he’ll continue in his efforts to send positive messages to police. He believes these small gestures make a difference in the lives of police officers, and in communities they serve.

Grand Juries Should Be Supervised during Police Related Homicide Cases Says New York Judge

With the increase of police related killings and no indictments stemming from any of the highly suspect cases, New York’s head judge will petition the state legislature to begin having grand juries supervised by a judge during investigations of police related homicides. Chief of the New York Court of Appeals Jonathan Lippman is not the first to challenge current procedures in New York’s grand jury system.

As it stands now, legal experts say that prosecutors, who have a close working relationship with law enforcement on routine criminal cases, are in charge of the grand jury proceedings that determine whether an indictment should be handed down – or not. Judges are merely present during the proceedings only as advisors to jurors. Judge Lippman is proposing that the judge in attendance would hold control, allowing them to question witnesses and decide if evidence is inadmissible and should be barred. The judge would also have control over releasing documents from the proceedings in cases of significant public interest, no longer shielding the truth or facts.

Judge Lippman’s proposal has even gained the support of the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association, where it’s President, Pat Lynch, told BuzzFeed News, “The rule of law should apply evenly and fairly to all without exception. There should not be a separate system of justice for police officers.”

Meet the Leadership Team of Jonathan Veitch

Jonathan Veitch has changed what people thought about Oxy ever since he became President. Joining Oxy during a turbulent phase has not only helped to strengthen the college but has also revealed hidden leadership qualities in Jonathan Veitch. However, one thing that sets Oxy and Jonathan Veitch apart from others is his leadership team. Jonathan Veitch is constantly supported by these people who help to ensure that Oxy maintains its high standards inside out. The college would not be where it is if Jonathan Veitch was not supported by these dedicated individuals.

The leadership team of Jonathan Veitch consists of various experts from different fields to ensure that no area of the college is left unrepresented. The team also sets a good standard of gender equality as it has an equal number of men and women, all of whom have made a mark in their respective fields. Barbara Avery, for instance, is the Dean of Students. She is also the VP of Student Life and thus, brings the students’ perspective to the table. Vince Cuseo is the VP for Financial Aid and Admission. Leora Freedman is the General Counsel of the leadership team and Jorge Gonzalez is the College Dean and VP for Academic Affairs. Amos Himmelstein is the VP for Finance and Planning while Jaime Hoffman is the Director and Associate VP of Athletics. Shelby Radcliffe is the VP of Institutional Advancement and Brett Schraeder is the VP for Communications, Marketing and Strategic initiatives.

Jonathan Veitch is a visionary who understands that an organization like Oxy cannot be led without expertise and opinions from every area. Representation is important and Jonathan Veitch emphasizes on it. This is the biggest reason why Oxy has been experiencing such success in the recent years. The leadership team brings a unique perspective to the President and helps him in making Oxy the best college.

Also, one underestimated benefit of this leadership team is the ease of communication. Jonathan Veitch understands that everything falls apart when communication is erratic. This is why his leadership team ensures that students, guardians of students, professors and people with an interest in the college are always heard.

Over the years, Oxy has managed to achieve a lot and this has been especially true under Jonathan Veitch’s leadership. He could not have enjoyed this much success if he didn’t believe in the importance of great leadership, equality and communication.

Bruce Levenson: Entrepreneur At Heart

Bruce Levenson is a great American success story. Levenson was born in Maryland to working class parents. Levenson’s parents urged him to succeed in life, and he would eventually graduate with honors from Washington University before getting his law degree. Levenson has been very influential in both the NBA and in foundations where he works. He is one of the majority owners of the Atlanta Hawks, one of the newer franchises in the NBA. Even though his net worth in the billions, he loves his work and wants to continue to pour into inner city communities, like the one he grew up in.

Levenson has been an entrepreneur and business owner since his early days. In the 1970’s, he formed his own communications company in Maryland where he is originally from. During this time, Levenson learned many business basics that have stayed with him to this day. Levenson’s company, United Communications Group, owns a plethora of communication mediums. Perhaps UCG’s most well-known holding is gas buddy, a website designed to allow consumers to quickly find the cheapest gas around.

Levenson purchased a stake in the Atlanta Hawks in 2004. He gradually increased this stake in the company and was extremely involved in its growth. In an event that was made very popular by social media, Levenson and his team accompanied his mother to the Holocaust Museum. Levenson’s mother was actually a survivor of the Holocaust and Levenson is passionate about people remembering the event and learning from it. The NBA is a multi-cultural league and Levenson embraced this. Levenson was very involved in many different inner city groups, and used his wealth to give back to local communities. However, in 2014 Levenson sold off his remaining stake in the Atlanta Hawks after a set of unfortunate circumstances arose.

Overall, Levenson has been very influential in every area that he has ever touched. A great student and worker, Levenson graduated with honors and a law degree from very prestigious institutions. Levenson has always been a business owner, founding his first company in 1977. He and his wife have three sons, and he has always felt a pull to give back to his community. Levenson has been very involved in inner city community style groups, as he is very passionate about giving back to the community around him. Levenson is currently working on selling his share of the Atlanta Hawks through the help of a bank.

BRL Trust Investments: The Best Decision for Success

Lead by prominent executives executives Mauricio Ribeiro, Rodrigo Boccanera Gomes, and Rodrigo Cavalcante, BRL Trust Investments in Brazil’s most prominent firms providing trust services in private loans. Founded by Ribeiro and Gomes in 2005, this prestigious company maintains successful operations in five business areas. While Ribeiro is primarily responsible for Custody Fund and the International area, Gomes manages the Fiduciary Services and project finances and Cavalcante oversees the fund’s investments. With a unique team of knowledgeable and compassionate executives, BRL Trust Investments is ranked by the Anbima system as the largest independent administrator of the investment funds in Brazil.

As vividly outlined on the company’s website, their mission statement is to cultivate internal and external relationships with their clients in order to more effectively achieve their investment demands. Through transparency and efficiency, BRL Trust Investment’s skillful and extremely experienced team is equipped to accomplish the company’s goal. Over the years, the confidence and seriousness within the corporation resulted in flourishing business areas such as Administration and Management of Investment Funds, Mergers, Acquisition and Capital Markets. In addition, upon successful completion of the company’s first year, BRL Trust Investments obtained more than 100 loans in which the trust acted as Intervening Trust. Most importantly, the company achieved their goals while abiding by the national legal system and the interests of their clients.

The complexity of capital markets as well as the vast expansion of the global credit markets has greatly influenced the discerning and demanding nature of investors in the control, monitoring, and collection operations. Therefore, BRL Trust Investments strives to serve most investors by presenting innovative and differential services to ensure a safe and reliable investment process. Notably, the company relies heavily on the SCA (Assets Control System), which specializes in tracking, monitoring, control, and collection of loans. Moreover, the SCA maintains a comprehensive database including over 300 companies monitored in multiple sectors and a portfolio of more than 20,000 customers and over 500,000 transferred receivables in collections.

Lastly, along with monitoring client’s extensive investments, BRL Trust also provides great solutions for custodial and controlling services relating to cash settlement, control of securities lending operations, centralization of procedures settlement, control of corporate events, custody and settlement of asset, reconciliation of assets with depositories and clearing houses, accounting events of investment funds, taxes control and payments. Undeniably, BRL Trust’s multitalented team has contributed to their unprecedented and acclaimed success.