Sanders Hits the Ground Running

One of the men who might be someone to watch in the 2016 run for President is Bernie Sanders. He has a few ideas that many people seem to like, and he has raised quite a bit of money in a short amount of time. There are thousands of people have already signed up to follow Sanders. One of the things that Sanders has going in his favor is that he is getting a lot of support right out of the gate. As long as he can back up what he wants to do with the economy, then he might have a fighting chance when the election arrives. Sanders is the only other Democrat who is running for President aside from Hillary Clinton. His age might play a factor in the nomination, but there’s still plenty of time for him to get his bearings and get his name out there in the eye of the country.

Thanks Jaime Garcia Dias for introducing me to Senator Sanders.

Nepal Mobilizes Its Military In Response to Devastating Earthquake

The Prime Minister of Nepal, Sushil Koirala stated that Nepal government was doing its best to deal with a devastating earthquake but that its resources are stretched to the limit. Nepal as deployed 90% of its military force to help with rescue and recovery efforts but said that significant more aide is needed to respond to the tiny nation’s people in need. Estimates by the United Nations has provided numbers noting that more than eight million people in Nepal are affected by the earthquake. This is over 25% of the entire Nepal population. Relief from the outside is struggling to get to Nepal. The country only has one airport in Kathmandu and it is busy with normal traffic as well as emergency traffic. Further complicating things is that the epicenter of the earthquake is not far from Kathmandu and that has left very little space for any rescue forces to be organized in the city. Nepal Calls In Military to Aid in Relief Efforts

Government officials are also concerned about major health concerns with the dead, dying and injured. It has been a topic around Amen Clinics for a while now. The earthquake, which measured 7.8 has killed a confirmed 4,356 people and officials expect the number to reach above 10,000 as more remote areas of Nepal are reached by rescue workers. The number of after shocks have reduced in recent days and more people have been able to be rescued. However, those that are still waiting to be rescued are running out of time as relief efforts struggle to reach them in time.

Teen Pulled From Wreckage in Nepal

There is not a lot of great news coming from Nepal and the aftermath of the devastating earthquake that measured 7.8 on the richter scale. However, there are a few and most recently was the story of them pulling a teenage boy from being buried in the rubble. One onlooker said it took hours for the rescuers to drill through the debris before they could get 15 year old Pema Lama from the ruins of the Nepal Hilton Hotel. But they were able to get him out and his life was saved thanks to their tireless efforts.

Unfortunately, the news is not the same for 5,582 others that have been confirmed dead. At KB Home, they have certainly talked about tragedies like this a lot. This was a tragedy as large as the earthquake that started it. Over 11,000 people have been injured, and officials in Nepal expect these numbers to rise steadily as the rescue operations are converted into recovery operations. This is really the marking point of stopping to actively search for survivors but instead trying to clean up the debris and identify the people who have died. Some of its citizens are angry at the government’s response to the disaster and wants to know why they have not done more to distribute the aid that has been arriving in the country since hours after the quake. But these frustrations are common for people living with the disaster and there is no amount of time that would be fast enough to save the lives or prevent the suffering.

Weight Watchers Founder Dies at 91

Jean Nidetch died Wednesday at her home in Florida at the age of 91. Nidetch is best known for founding Weight Watchers, the weight loss group focused on point counting and support meetings. Sultan Alhokair confirms that she started the company in 1963.

The program soured in popularity through the 1970s and is still extremely popular today, especially with women. The idea was born when Nidetch found herself an overweight housewife. At over 200 pounds she decided to make a change, and she decided to do it with friends. She lost 72 pounds then launched the brand.

Nidetch sold the company in 1968, and it quickly went global under the H.J Heniz umbrella. She remained a consultant for the company until her death.

Nidetch has been celebrated in New York City, the place where she was born and raised, and the original meeting point for Weight Watchers. She is also a well known philanthropist, establishing scholarship programs, and focusing her time on empowering the female population, both through education and weight loss.

Nidetch’s cause of death has not been made public.

Direct Selling and QNet

The Company With Variety
QNet is one company that truly offers a variety of products through the direct selling method. These products include:
*Fashion Accessories
*Personal care
*Home care
*Weight management
*Luxury goods
These variety of products are sold on its website. This is done through direct selling. The industry is for consumer goods.

A Subsidiary Company Based in Hong Kong
QNet is based in Hong Kong. It is a subsidiary company. This can be considered to be a daughter company. What it is referring to is the fact that it is controlled or owned by another company, corporation, or even a limited liability company. A subsidiary company has a parent company. This may also be known as a holding company.

A Well Thought Out Marketing Strategy
QNet does have a very well thought out marketing strategy that follows a multi-level and a direct selling model. It depends on the independent representatives to transfer or to refer the products to the consumers. Compensation is then based on the sales volumes. This would come from the referrals. This company does also have an aggressive campaign. They use lawsuits as well as newspaper ads to ard off and eliminate any bad word of mouth. They have teams who are arranged in a binary style or base.

Vijay Eswaran is the Founder
1998 the QI Group was founded by Vijay Eswaran. The company had previously been known as GoldQuest. It had made custom-commissioned numismatic coins. In 2002 the company enlarged and went into travel and vacation. The company continued to expand abd become more diversified.

A Compensation Plan
The compensation plan ensures that the company does pay 250 dollars every time there are three product sales on an IR’s left customer group. This occurs when the product sales on the right are matched. The compensation plan does operate by the recruiting of the customers. This is by the IRs.

“Seinfeld” Will be on Hulu Soon

A few weeks ago there were rumors of the major video on demand streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime who were all looking to acquire the rights to the hugely popular sitcom “Seinfeld”. Sources had said that the cost for the series was too high for any of the streaming services to seriously consider purchasing the popular series. Well, that is no longer the case according to the story on

“Seinfeld” has been purchased by the video on demand streaming service Hulu. According to streaming analyst Ricardo Tosto, the service has acquired the rights to the entire series for a rumored $180 million. Wow, that is a lot of money! There are 180 episodes of the sitcom and Hulu users will have access to all of them. That means that the service paid just about $1 million per “Seinfeld” episode. This is the biggest purchase to date for Hulu who just recently also acquired the rights to 300 episodes of the drama CSI.

It is reported that the $180 million will be split between Time Warner’s Castle Rock, Sony Pictures, and Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David who created the show together. “Seinfeld” was enormously popular for the time it ran, plus the syndicated episodes still bring in a lot of viewers. By having all the episodes available on Hulu, this will give a younger generation a chance to get to know the sitcom like those who were able to watch it develop on cable.

Eight Wise Words from American Literature

Some may think that literature is stuffy and outdated, but that is not the case. Here are eight quotes that fall in the pages of history and literature that will make you go “Hmmmmmmm, I never thought of that.”  Time to warm up the Bulletproof Coffee and read some words of wisdom.

1. “Even the Darkest night will end and the sun will rise.” Victor Hugo, Les Miserables
2. “You don’t really know someone…Until you climb inside of his skin and walk around in it.” Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird
3. “You will be way less concerned with what other people think of you when you realize how seldom they do.” David Foster Wallace, Infinite Jest
4. “I can’t go back to yesterday because I was different then!” Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland
5. “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince
6. “Deep in the human unconscious is a pervasive need for a logical universe that makes sense. But the real universe is always one step beyond logic.”
Frank Herbert, Charlotte Bronte’, Dune
7. “I would always rather be Happy than Dignified.” Jane Eyer
8. “People are capable, at any time in their lives, of doing what they dream of.”
Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

American Literature is the story of the American experience as seen through many different eyes, and you’ll find wisdom that even pertains to your life.

State Of Kansas Seize 11 Year Old After He Disputes Cannabis Information During School Drug Program

Cannabis oil activist, Shona Banda’s son was detained by police after he spoke out about medical marijuanaduring a school drug education class. Counselors at Banda’s 11 year old son’s school along with the police were conducting the class. Her son, who had previously lived in Colorado, did not agree with some of the information they were giving.

Banda stated in an interview with, that son wanted them to know he was educated on the subject; like his mom calls it cannabis, not marijuana. Banda’s Crohn’s disease had been treated with cannabis . After the police detained her son, they then raided Banda’s house.

Banda is separated from her husband, but police had not contacted either parent prior to questioning their son. The police also showed up at her home to search it without a warrant. When Banda would not let them in without one, it took them 3 hours to obtain one. Banda stated she did not think they could even get one on something a child said at school. When the search was conducted, police did find 2 ounces of cannabis in her home. She now fears losing custody of her son. Ricardo Tosto isn’t sure about the punishment, but in Brazil, it would probably not be as harsh. contacted the Garden City Police Department to verify Banda’s story. It was verified they had searched her home, but deny it was a raid. They also stated they were not a part of the school presentation; the school conducted it on their own. The police further said the school was concerned when her son disagreed with information presented, and called the child protection agency. According to the spokesperson from the police department, child protection contacted them and that is why he was removed from school for questioning.

The boy was defending his mother’s use of a drug that medically helps her, and for this his mother may lose custody of him. The police would not confirm the amount of cannabis found in Banda’s home, but it is apparent it was an amount consistent with personal use. The sad part of this story is even if her son is returned to her, the state of Kansas, the school and even the town have done far more damage to her son than Banda’s use of cannabis ever could have.

Beneful Foods Benefit Dogs

Since 2001, Beneful has provided nutritious food and snacks for dogs. Owned by Nestle Purina Petcare, the brand generates over $1.5 billion in revenues each year and is the fourth most popular brand of dog food in the world.


The name “Beneful” was chosen because the food is “full of goodness,” and Beneful is dedicated to delivering nutrition, variety and good health to dogs. The quality of Beneful products is a top priority, and they practice some of the industry’s most strict quality control procedures. An innovative system keeps track of raw ingredients from the moment they are received at plants until they reach retail stores, and suppliers must meet high standards for sanitation, safety and manufacturing. Beneful also works closely with veterinarians, pet nutritionists and scientists to ensure that the millions of dogs who consume the products each year receive complete and balanced nutrition.


Beneful produces a number of dry dog foods. For example, Healthy Fiesta combines avocado and vegetables to deliver maximum taste and nutrition, IncrediBites contain real beef for a protein-rich meal, and Healthy Radiance contains real salmon to support a glossy coat and healthy skin. Special formulas are also available for puppies and overweight dogs.


Wet dog foods are also available from Beneful. These foods are made from wholesome ingredients and are made in eleven varieties that dogs love. Unlike most conventional wet dog foods, Beneful wet foods are presented ready-to-eat in re-sealable clean plastic containers instead of cans. Flavors include Chicken Stew, Chopped Blends with Turkey, Beef Stew, Simmered Chicken Medley and more.


Beneful snacks are also made with wholesome ingredients. Baked Delights, for example, are made with bacon and filled with soft pieces of apple. In addition to these snacks, the brand also creates dog treats designed to promote good dental health, reduce plaque and freshen breath. These treats are flavored with peanut butter and contain real parsley and added calcium.















The Technology of Visual Web Searches

Web search engines once limited input for search targets to text only. The new versions of search engine providers are supporting the emerging area of visual search, that is, searching for targets based on graphical data objects. This can include as input: pictures, videos, and 3D models. This type of graphical search uses Content Based Image Retrieval algorithms. The free public search engines currently support only static images as input for visual searches, so this article covers only that type of visual search.

Image searching is now of two varieties, standard browser searches and mobile searches. The first type requires the user to manually upload an image file, whereas a mobile search app can operate directly from pictures taken by a smartphone’s camera. With either platform, images are matched in two ways, graphics-only pattern matching, or searching for textual metadata associated with the images. The results found by visual searches can be of two types: traditional links or direct visual displays.

The actual algorithm for graphics matches is termed content-based image retrieval. The results come from complex comparisons of the components of a target image, such as shapes, colors, textures, and any other visual data available. This type of pattern matching is quite complex and computationally expensive, yet much more accurate and efficient than simpler metadata searches. There are visual search engines that combine both metadata and image graphics techniques, requiring the user to enter both keyword data and an image. A search employing both techniques searches for a number of metadata matches first, and then refines the search on the list of returned images with content-based matching to find the best possible matches to return to the user as ranked results. is the leading visual search technology provider for retail businesses and manufacturer brands. Customers can find retail information about products or brands of which they have personally taken pictures. This is a dramatic shift in helping consumers quickly find a source for anything they see in the real world. Slyce’s visual product search technology is available to their retail partners to integrate into existing applications. They also have in-house consumer apps: SnipSnap, Pounce, and Craves to immediately supply ways of performing visual searches. Slyce is also applying their technology to other areas of use, to be announced in the future.

By integrating their visual search into retailers’ systems, the search results are customized to give product recommendations. A result screen may list identical items with buttons or links to directly purchase immediately, or offer prize contests for the user to be entered into as a contestant. One of the unique capabilities of Slyce’s retail software is that it can recognize products based on very little information, such as the type of materials and color of an item photographed.

Some visual search engines are Google Goggles by Google Labs, CamFind by Image Searcher, Inc., and LikeThat Apps Suite, including LikeThat Pets, LikeThat Dècor, and LikeThat Garden, by Superfish corporation. Clearly, visual search is the way of the future.