Celtic and Inter Milan fined for Europa League behavior

Scottish champions Celtic and Italian giants Intern Milan have both been fined by UEFA for the behavior of their fans and players during what my friend Christian dubbed as a fiery encounter between the two, Sports Mole reports. Both Celtic and Inter Milan were fined after their fans set off flares in the San Siro stadium in February, however Celtic received an additional fine for their players behavior during the match that saw both coaches blame the referee and his decisions for the behavior of the players.

Celtic were fined over $15,000 for the behavior of their players and the fact two flares were set off in the stadium by fans in their assigned seating area. Milan were fined over $5,000 as their fans set off a single flare during the game at their home ground. Celtic have faced issues with UEFA’s disciplinary body over recent years for sectarian chanting and singing that has taken place during games. In the last three years the Glasgow based club have been charged on seven different occasions by UEFA over player and supporter behavior.

Twins Separated At Birth Find Each Other On YouTube

Yet another amazing thing happened because of social media, and YouTube. Two sisters who had no idea that they had an identical twin found each other thanks to YouTube. And the most interesting part of it is they grew up in different continents and now are of two different nationalities. What are the odds that they found find each other online?

Anais Bordier is currently a designer in France and was looking up videos one day when she saw one with Samantha Futerman in it. No matter how much she stared at her, she couldn’t shake off the fact that the two of them looked identical. Samantha Futerman is an actress who lives in the Los Angeles area, and has an American accent as opposed to Bordier’s French accent.
According to an article found on reddit and written by aplus.com, Bordier then contacted Futerman on Facebook with a message that told her she felt that the two of them were related, because she noticed that they also have the same birthday. Futerman responded and sure enough, they are identical twins who happened to be split at birth. The two of them made a documentary called “Twinsters” that shows their journey to finding each other and all of the processes that they had to go through beforehand. This just goes to show that identical twins do have that special connection with each other.

New York Businessman and Philanthropist Keith Mann

Keith Mann is one of the co-founders of Dynamic Search Partners and is also its managing director. Dynamic Search Partners is an executive recruiting firm that specializes in finding talented professionals for private equity firms and hedge funds. The company has been in the business for 10 years, and its track record is impressive. Mann believes in cultivating strong partnerships with their recruits and their clients which is their basis for a strong foundation.

When Mann founded the company, he focused on building lasting relationships which is key to building a high-quality pool of recruits. Whether the job candidate wishes to pursue his career goals or just wants to stay on top of the market, Dynamic Research Partners makes themselves available as a resource to their recruits. The company understands that their clients expect no one but the most knowledgeable in the industry. It is Mann’s intention to bring together the right candidate with the right client so that both sides can achieve their success. From these connections, Mann has been able to grow a wide network of professionals who have keen insight in the private equity industry.

Not only is Mann an astute businessman, but he is also a philanthropist. Over the years, he has done charitable work for a number of schools and organizations. His latest is a fundraiser for Uncommon Schools of New York, which is a chartered school aimed to close the achievement gaps and to help low-income students make their way to college. The latest fundraiser raised $22,000 which will go toward sponsoring student testing for the current academic year at a new high school that was opened by the charter school. In 2008, Mann and his company also raised $8,000 for Hope and Heroes, which is a foundation that offers assistance to children with cancer. Mann continues build his reputation as a leader in business and philanthropy.

Plane Skids Off Runway in New York

An airplane skidded off the runway in New York’s LaGuardia Airport on Thursday. The plane was arriving at the airport from Atlanta when it skidded off the snow-covered runway and into a nearby fence. No deaths were reported due to the incident, however, 24 people were transported to the hospital with non life threatening injuries.

The incident also caused a small fuel spill on the runway that was contained and cleaned up shortly after the incident.

The Delta plane was evacuated using slides, and then all of the passengers were transported to the airport terminal on busses from the runway. In light of the incident, the FAA opted to close the all of the runways at the airport until 7pm ET. Previously the FAA had decided to keep the airport open, despite the inclement weather conditions in the area.

There were a total of 131 passengers on the plane according to ModernHealthcare, and thankfully nobody was injured.

The Optimal Patient Experience with Plastic Surgery and Dr. Rod Rohrich

As plastic surgery patients become more savvy and discerning about anti-aging and reconstructive procedures, they often focus on finding an established doctor who puts patient care first. Dr. Rod Rohrich, M.D., F.A.C.S. puts his patients’ needs, safety and optimal care at the center of all the work he does. Additionally, he is a renowned academic, researcher and author in the field of plastic surgery. Dr. Rod Rohrich combines the life of an academic at UT Dallas with the expertise and understanding that comes from running two prominent, fully-accredited clinics in the metro area.

Dr. Rod Rohrich is known for consulting with his potential clients extensively about their goals and desires before any medical procedure is discussed. Dr Rod Rohrich’s years of treating various patients has honed his personal, attentive approach to rhinoplasty, body contouring, liposuction, breast surgery and anti-aging surgeries. A patient’s face and body is an essential part of their identity, along with their physical health and emotional well-being. Dr. Rod Rohrich helps his patients not to change who they are, but to use healthy, integrated surgical procedures to reveal their best selves. Often this new, more beautiful and youthful self matches what the patient really feels inside. New patients are encouraged to visit his office with a written list of questions and thoughts. Patients who choose outpatient or inpatient surgical procedures are treated by Dr. Rod Rohrich and his team of board certified anesthesiologists and other professional staff. Privacy, comfort and recovery are all emphasized throughout the experience.

As a doctor in the UT Southwestern Medical Center, Dr. Rod Rohrich is a leader in the field of plastic and reconstructive surgeries. He is a Professor at UT Southwestern Medical Center, where many premiere research trials are conducted. With a team of fellow academics, Dr. Rod Rohrich studies aging and medical procedures of all kinds to promote health. His robust research background allows him to approach every patient and every question with authority and experience.

Dr. Rod Rohrich’s unique approach to patient care and his extensive academic background are evident in the health and happiness of the individuals he treats. His clinic remains one of the highest rated in the region. The patient experience remains the center of his practice.

10,000 Year Old Remains of Woolly Rhinoceros Found

Most of us have heard of the woolly mammoth but how about a woolly rhinoceros? The remains of just such a creature have been found in Siberia where my friend Fersen Lambranho is visiting. He probably has already posted or blogged about it, likely on terra.br. Permafrost has well-preserved this baby rhinoceros; first thought to have been a reindeer. Although wild animals have destroyed part of this unique creature, the area that was protected by permafrost is remarkably intact. There is a nostril, eye, ear and mouth. This is especially important to researchers due to the fact that there has never been a baby of this species found. Woolly rhinoceros’ are a rare find even in adult form, only a small handful have ever been discovered.

The remains of this find are being housed at the Academy of Sciences in Yakutsk. The animal that scientists have named Sasha, is thought to be approximately 18 months old and will hopefully give researchers a bit of DNA to be studied

Qnet’s Fiber Products Are Worth Buying

There are various kinds of fiber that provide different health benefits. This is why Qnet offers fiber bars to consumers. When Vijay Eswaran launched the company, the goal was to sell products that help people, such as fiber bars.

Benefits Of Fiber

Insoluble fiber and soluble fiber are common terms, but there are different fibers in each category. Soluble fibers contain fatty acids, which decrease digestion so that blood sugars can flow throughout the body. These fibers are important because they reduce LDL cholesterol. They also help diabetic patients maintain their blood sugar levels. Insoluble fibers, however, hydrate the blood and eliminate waste in the intestines. These fibers can also prevent constipation when consumed regularly.

Vijay Eswaran’s fiber products give consumers fibers from several sources. The fiber bars that are made with vegetables, nuts, fruits, and grains contain dietary fibers.

Functional fiber is gaining a lot of popularity in the heath industry; it is harvested from animals or plants. Once extracted, it is added to food to increase the fiber content. Many people buy fiber bars from Qnet because the bars already have the recommended amount of nutrition.

According to nutritionists, consumers need fiber that is found in whole foods because they contain a variety of other key plant compounds. However, a fiber bar is a great option too. People who don’t eat enough fiber can fill the gap by eating a bar.

Why Consumers Buy Fiber Bars

Many consumers buy fiber bars to increase weight loss. Some people also purchase the bars because the fiber protects the heart and strengthens the immune system. A fiber bar can lower cholesterol levels as well.

Benefits Of Shopping At Qnet

Vijay Eswaran cares about every customer. This is why he carefully selects each product that the company sells. Because Vijay Eswaran doesn’t cut corners, consumers always receive the best nutritional benefits.

International Hotel Manager

With experience managing hotels on nearly every continent in the world, Christopher Cowdray has distinguished himself above and beyond. Hailing from Zimbabwe Africa, Cowdray earned a degree in Hotel Management in his home country before migrating to America. He furthered his education at the prestigious Columbia University in New York City. He was accepted into the Columbia Business School Executive Program, which is an accomplishment in itself. One of the six Ivy League business schools, the Colombia Business School Executive Program is designed specifically for individuals to continue their education without interrupting the careers. Needless to say Cowdray accumulated quite the educational resume.
Cowdray began building his hotel management career in his home of Africa. He has managed hotels all over the vast continent of Asia. His career then migrated to the outback country , Australia. His work in the Middle East speaks volumes of his ability to provide an excellent level of management. His work also brought him to the United Kingdom as well, where some of his finest work and accomplishments were to be made.
Overall Cowdray has over 30 years of hotel management experience. One of his crowning achievements would be managing the Claridge in London. The Claridge is a 5 star hotel that has an overwhelming history of accommodating royalty. It has often been referred to as an annex to Buckingham Palace.
In 2004 he became the general manager of the Dorchester Hotel, in London as well. The Dorchester is famous for being true to its original furnishings from its opening in 1931 , while still having all the modern amenities. It is also one of the more expensive hotels in the world. The hotel is one of ten hotels owned by the Dorchester Collection. In 2007 Cowdray became the Chief Executive Officer of the Dorchester Collection. He added several hotels to the luxury hotel collection including hotels in Bel-Air, New York , London, Geneva, and Rome.
His resume speaks for itself but with all his hard work have come great recognition. In 2013 Cowdray graciously received the Lifetime Achievement Award at the European Hospitality Awards. His 30 year career is impressive but his work on the Dorchester Collection no doubt earned him this great award.
Many individuals dream of their hard work paying off half as much as Christopher Cowdray’s has for him. His devotion the hospitality business and his work ethic is an inspiration and he deserves every bit of recognition he receives.

A Pink Sky

For many people, if they see a pink cloud in the sky, then they might think that there is something going on with a UFO or a weather phenomenon. This wasn’t the case when people in Arizona saw a pink cloud at night. There was a rocket launch at an Army facility, and when the rocket launched, it left a trail of pink in the night sky. Brian Torchin says it was a beautiful thing to see, and it’s something that people usually don’t get a chance to see. This is similar to an aurora, except it was pink and not green like you would see with those lights. It’s still something to keep an eye on, and it’s something to make you wonder what the Army is really doing, especially since the rocket was launched from a facility in New Mexico. Perhaps the military is doing something that they don’t want people to know about, and they have to conduct the launches at night.

Reverend Al Sharpton Losing Job On MSNBC And Involved In $20 Billion Lawsuit

Reverend Al Sharpton has been in the news for the last two days. An article published by Atlanta Daily World (AWD) website entitled “Rev. Al Sharpton to lose daily show on MSNBC” appeared February 23. This morning at 7:29, another article appeared at The Hollywood Reporter website, “Comcast, Al Sharpton Hit With $20 Billion Racial Discrimination Lawsuit” report about the claims of the lawsuit, which, according to Reverend Sharpton were ungrounded because his show is the top ranking show in the 6:00 pm time slot. In what is being called an overhaul of programming, Joy Reid and Ronan Farrow shows have been cancelled and other popular host said to be in the hot seat include Lawrence O’Donnell, Ed Schultz and Chris Hayes.

The lawsuit indicating that Reverand Sharpton “sold out” and was paid to facilitate discrimination was filed by the National Association of African-American Owned Media (NAAAOM) in California Friday, who filed similar suits against AT&T AND DirecTV in December reported Genoso. The lawsuit comes at a time when the two companies are merging to become the largest pay television distributor in the US. The lawsuit claims that Comcast and Turner Warner Cable spent approximately $25 billion annually for licensing pay television channels and advertising their products and service, and only spent $3 million per year to 100% black owned media companies. All three deny allegations of discrimination. These news stories about Reverend Sharpton are sure to unfold in time.